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The Sleeper Conspiracy by Tom Sniegoski

Review Renegade

Government conspiracies, assassins, action, adventure, and narcolepsy. What's not to love? From the mind of novelist Tom Sniegoski comes The Sleeper Conspiracy, a two-book series packed with action.

For as long as he can remember, a young boy named Tom has struggled narcolepsy, a sleeping disorder that causes him to fall asleep for days at a time. Fearful that he will have an attack in public, his parents have homeschooled him for years. Now in his late teens, his calm but sheltered life is shattered when he discovers that everything he believes is a lie. He isn't narcoleptic - he is an assassin created by an anti-government group. Now his life and the lives of everyone he knows are in danger.

The Sleeper Conspiracy by Tom Sniegoski is a page-turner. These books have the makings of a high-velocity action movie. It will definitely appeal to readers of Tom Clancy novels and the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz, as well as fans of Alias and 24.

Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? What will happen to Tom? Start the story with Sleeper Code, finish it with Sleeper Agenda - and keep looking over your shoulder as you read.

Just the Facts, Ma'am

Teenager Tom Lovett suffers from a rare form of narcolepsy that can knock him out for days at a time. At least, this is what his parents and doctors have always told him. But Tom's about to make a shocking discovery: He's actually a sleeper assassin. His narcoleptic "fits" are cover for his horrific missions.

In fact, his entire life has been a lie.

The truth is, Tom shares a body with Tyler Garrett, a separate personality who has committed coldblooded murder without a second thought. Now, Tom is on a mission to take down the evil agency that created him. But can he also fight the evil within himself? In the tradition of The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy, Sleeper Code and Sleeper Agenda are a two-part white-knuckle thrill ride that will keep readers riveted to the very last page.

Book One: Sleeper Code (July 2006)
ISBN: 1595140522
240 pages in length
Published by Razorbill

Book Two: Sleeper Agenda (July 2006)
ISBN: 1595140530
240 pages in length
Published by Razorbill

The books were released simultaneously on July 20th. Learn more about the books at

The Sleeper Conspiracy has been honored by the American Library Association as part of the 2007 Top Ten Quick Picks!

Personal Push

Both of The Sleeper Conspiracy books - Book One: Sleeper Code and Book Two: Sleeper Agenda - hit stores on July 20th, and they have a little something for everyone. Action, adventure, spies, lies, good guys, bad guys, and assassins. If you like spy stories, action flicks, or psychological thrillers, if you read books by Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, or Dan Brown, or if you watch Alias or 24, you'll love these books.

I really think they appeal to both genders and to teens as well as adults, and they'll be great to put in the hands of high schoolers looking for a fast-paced summer read. I'm cross-posting this at related boards and forums. Help me spread the word by linking to this post, my review of the books, or by posting your own book review!

I conducted an exclusive interview with Tom Sniegoski. Read all four parts!

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