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Interview: Tom Sniegoski: Part Two

This is Part Two of a four-part interview with the author. Please come back every Sunday to read a new piece of the interview. The final portion will be posted on July 23rd, the same day that Fallen airs on ABC Family.

LW: The good news just keeps coming for you. The rights to TALENT, the new comic book series you've written by Christopher Golden, produced by BOOM! Studios, were just acquired by Universal Studios after what the trades called a "bidding war." How involved will you be (or are you already) with that?

TOM: Since the deal is so fresh, Chris and I really don't know how involved we'll be. Hopefully we'll have some say, but whatever -- they're making a movie out of our comic series! That's pretty darn cool.

LW: What inspired TALENT?

TOM: Talent was just one of those spark of an idea kind of things. I had the initial idea about the survivor of a plane crash -- surviving to fulfill a special purpose, and then Chris started to fill in some of the blank spots, and then it just kept going back and forth until we had the idea you see before you today. We barely remember who came up with what anymore.

LW: What do you think of the media comparing it to LOST?

TOM: I think it's very flattering. I don't see the comparison at all, but I find it very flattering.

LW: What special talents do you have? Do you have any collections or hobbies?

TOM: I'm a wicked geek. I collect all kinds of crap. I love books, comics, DVDs, music. And as far as special talents, I've been told that I can tell a pretty good story.

LW: What special talents do you wish you had?

TOM: I'd love to be able to stretch the time in a day so that I could get more done. That would be awesome.

LW: What supernatural ability would you love to acquire?

TOM: Teleportation would be sort of cool, I guess. Talking to animals would be neat too.

To order Talent, visit Boom! Studios. Also visit Sniegoski's official website.

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Read Part Three of this interview and find out what Tom feels are the pros and cons of writing alone vs. collaborations.

Read Part Four of this interiew to get the inside scoop on the television adaptation of Fallen.
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