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Interview: Christopher Golden

STRAIGHT ON 'TIL MORNING by Christopher Golden is a coming-of-age story set in the early eighties that retells the story of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Though the classic tale of the boy who won't grow up was written for children and families, Golden's MORNING is a dark horror story recommended for adults and older teens.

The author recently discussed the second star to the right and recollections with this interviewer.


CG: It's a strange combination of things, as many of my books are. It owes a great deal to THE TWILIGHT ZONE and to some of the wonderful coming-of-age stories you get in fantastical fiction, like Stephen King's "The Body" (made into the film STAND BY ME) and IT, and even the non-fantastical stories like THE OUTSIDERS. But most of the great coming of age stories I'd read took place in the fifties and sixties, and I'd grown up in the seventies and eighties. I wanted to write about my experience, and cast it in that mold. Hopefully the result is totally unique, yet still pays homage to its inspirations. The entire first half of the novel, give or take, is based on a collection of real incidents. You'd be surprised how much of that stuff actually happened.

LW: Tell us more about RUNAWAY.

CG: RUNAWAY is a very personal story, more so than anything I've ever done. It was written prior to STRAIGHT ON 'TIL MORNING, and features the same main character, Kevin Murphy, a few years younger. It combines the most harrowing night of his young life -- the night his father walks out on the family for good -- with Kevin's first brush with the fantastic. I wish the story was less true, to be honest.

LW: When did you first read the story of Peter Pan?

CG: I have no recollection of my first exposure to the Pan story, though I presume it must have been the Disney film, or perhaps some Golden Books edition simplified for small children. I know I read the original story as a child, and then much, much later, as an adult.

LW: Who is your favorite character?

CG: I'm not certain. I love Hook. I love Wendy, as we all must. And, of course, I love Tink, and wish she would visit me.

LW: You have some more books due out this month.

CG: It's a strangely busy month. Months and months go by with nothing and then, boom, all at once. I have two other books out in September. The first is WITCHERY: A GHOSTS OF ALBION NOVEL, which is the second in a series I write with my friend Amber Benson, a wonderful actress/writer/director. The second is STONES UNTURNED: A NOVEL OF THE MENAGERIE, the third book in a series that my frequent collaborator Thomas E. Sniegoski and I write for Ace. Ghosts of Albion is Victorian fantasy with ghosts and fairies and demons and sex -- mostly repressed sex, since it's the Victorians. The Menagerie is just outrageously fun dark fantasy, totally over the top. Sniegoski and I often call it our "supernatural X-Men."

The new trade paperback edition of STRAIGHT ON 'TIL MORNING is now in stores everywhere. Learn more about the release.

For more information on all of Golden's works, please visit his official website:

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