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Speed Reader

For those of you wondering how many books I read: I average one book per day.

For those of you wondering how fast I read: It depends on the book. Content and writing style factor in, as do my personal interest, anticipation, and mood.

This page tests a person's reading speed. It offers up the first chapter from The Professor's House by Willa Cather, a novel which I have yet to read. A timer is set up at the top of the page, allowing the user to read for a minute. At the end of that minute, a screen pops up prompting the user to click on the last word he or she read, then approximates the user's reading speed.

It claims that the average rate is between 200 - 250 words per minute. Those who read the passage in one minute yield the maximum results: 850 - 900 words per minute.

The passage had 921 words. I read it in 45 seconds, then watched the timer count down the final 15 seconds. Based on those numbers, I read the passage at a rate of 1228 words per minute.

That sounded really crazy, so I took a different test at a different site. That passage was technical and included a lot of numbers. I love numbers. That test told me that I read the passage at a rate of 1367 words per minute.

It's official. I'm zany.

Some people ask if I skim. I don't. Others say that someone who reads quickly must not fully comprehend nor retain what they've read. I do. In school, teachers and classmates could not believe how fast I read. Some teachers felt the need to belittle and/or test me in front of the entire class. Isn't that sweet?
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