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How It's Done by Christine Kole MacLean

For her entire life, Grace has played by her parents' rules, assumed their beliefs, and stayed close to home. Her father is strict, her mother obedient, and Grace doesn't necessarily want to follow in the footsteps of either one. Finally eighteen years old and almost done with high school, she wants to speak up more than ever, but whenever she does, she seems to get into an argument with her father. In fact, were it not for one particular disagreement, she may not have seized the moment during a fateful meeting with a young man named Michael.

"If it had been any other day, I would have given him a straight answer, but I was still seething over the fight with my father. I had been a good girl -- more or less -- my whole life, and what had it gotten me? A seat on the perimeter of life."

Michael's nice, he's attentive - and he's older. Nearly ten years older. Dating him breaks many of her parents' rules, and living in "a small town where almost everyone knows most everything about each other" means that their relationship has to be kept secret.

How It's Done by Christine Kole MacLean is about far more than this relationship. It is about changing, about questioning your beliefs, about realizing who you are and what you can become. The book toes the line tastefully when discussing adult situations, religion, and responsibility. Recommended for older teens.

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