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The Seven Whistlers by Amber Benson and Christopher Golden

The Seven Whistlers, an original horror novella by Amber Benson and Christopher Golden, is now available.

Legends say that on stormy nights, or on sunsets, there sometimes comes a strange whistling noise in the sky, followed by sightings of enormous black dogs. But these are no ordinary dogs. They are demonic things, hounds loose from the Wild Hunt, and they are searching for lost souls. Ill fortune will befall any who encounter them, one by one. They are rarely sighted more than one at a time, and if all seven should come together, it will mean the end of the world.

In the picturesque New England town of Kingsbury, Vermont, a young woman named Rose Kerrigan mourns the death of her grandfather, the sweet but strange old man who raised her. She's never been able to get along with her cold, distant grandmother.

In the wake of Walter Kerrigan's death, the town is beset with strange occurrences, stormy weather, and eerie whistling in the night skies. Sightings of a huge, black hound are reported, followed by incidents of terribly bad luck, accidents, and unpleasant coincidences. Perhaps this is why Rose's grandmother has been acting so strange -- in addition to her grief, she's deeply unsettled by the goings-on in Kingsbury.

At least, this is what Rose and her tight-knit group of friends believe, when they discuss such things at the coffee house where they hang out together. Some of these friends -- people Rose has known her whole life -- have experienced some of the unpleasant, and yet also wonderfully strange, events happening in town.

Weird, magical stuff.

Soon, Rose will learn the legend of the Seven Whistlers. They've come to Kingsbury, Vermont, in search of a soul that has been hidden from them, and they will not leave without it. First there was one, then two . . . but now, as Rose becomes more and more anxious, people see three of them together, and then four. If they don't find what they're looking for soon, perhaps all seven will gather in Kingsbury.

And if all seven should come together....

Limited: 1000 signed hardcover copies ($40)
Lettered: 52 signed copies housed in a custom traycase ($150)

Publication Date: December 2006
ISBN: 1-59606-068-9

Order from Subterranean Press now!

Order from Amazon for only $26.40 now!

Learn more about the story, then read an excerpt.

Published by Subterranean Press

Ordering via mail:

Subterranean Press
P.O. Box 190106
Burton, MI 48519

Postage is $5 for the first hardcover, $2 for each additional trade paperback or hardcover, to a maximum of $21. Chapbook shipping is included in the price. International customers will be charged the appropriate Air-Mail postage, unless requested otherwise.

Because these books are limited editions, we only accept paid reservations for forthcoming titles, and charge your credit card at the time your order is placed.

U.S. orders: Free shipping on all forthcoming book orders, unless otherwise specified.
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