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Meme for Book Bloggers

This Meme for Book Bloggers comes courtesy of Confessions of a Bibliovore. I discovered both the meme and the blog thanks to Liz at Tea Cozy.

How many other kidlit blogs do you read?

Many. I link to my favorite book blogs and author blogs here, within the Bildungsroman website.

What's the most recent add?

What Adrienne Thinks About That.

How often do you post a book review to your blog?
I'd love to post one a day, for every book I read, but I often haven't the time to do so. Sometimes, I post three in one week; sometimes, three in a month. Though I don't post a book review on a regular date and time, I participate in Poetry Friday every week.

Do you post about anything else?

I consider this a book blog and rarely post about my personal life. When I do, it is usually about my beautiful cat, Hollywood.

Do you only blog books you like, or the stinkers too?
I tend to blog only about good books. It's good karma. Accentuate the positive. I don't want to waste time on negative thinking - or put-down someone else's favorite book or lifelong work.

How do you keep track of what you want to read?
Yes, I have a list, both in my mind and typed up.

How do you keep track of what you've read?
See above. My brain is a card catalogue. My co-workers call me the walking encyclopedia. For the past two years, I've kept a list what I read. I have not posted the full lists online, but I do post a list every four weeks noting what I think are the best books I've read that month.

Do you work with kids?
Yes. I've worked in libraries and bookstores since I was a kid myself. the age group of the books you mostly blog about?

Do you read grown-up books?
Yes. In addition to juvenile fiction and teen fiction, I also read contemporary fiction, classic literature, plays, musical librettos, and, sometimes, poetry and short stories. Click here to find out my favorite genres, books, and characters.
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