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Angel's Choice by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

With the summer winding down, the back-to-school party gets out of control for at least one girl. Bored and lonely, Angel ends up talking to a boy. Taking a drink. Zoning out. Having a lapse in judgment. Later, when she discovers she is pregnant, she can no longer deny what happened that night.

Faced with the biggest decision of her young life, Angel considers many options: having an abortion, going through with the pregnancy then giving the baby up for adoption, postponing college to raise the baby as a single teenage mother. She knows that no matter what choice she makes, her life will change forever.

ANGEL'S CHOICE, Lauren Baratz-Logsted's first teen fiction novel, is never too preachy nor too predictable. The story covers nearly a year in Angel's life and allows readers to walk in her shoes. As she makes her way through the familiar halls of high school and home, Angel's classmates whisper to each other, her friends are alternately there and not there for her, and her parents struggle to come to terms with their daughter's choice.

The author tackles the delicate subject of teen pregnancy with realism. Most importantly, she allows Angel retain her dignity throughout the story. This book is recommended to adult women and teenagers. If you like a touching story, if you watch the better-quality Lifetime movies, or if you read Lurlene McDaniel stories, you ought to discover ANGEL'S CHOICE.

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