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Calvino Book Meme

Calvino Meme from Kate's Book Blog, as linked by Semicolon. These meme offers seven different categories, and I've rearranged it only to put my most important remarks at the top.

Books You've Been Hunting For For Years Without Success

Love Lies Bleeding was written by playwright John Patrick under the pseudonym Jack Patrick. It was then made into one of my all-time favorite films, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers.

When I first posted this meme, I was also looking for the titles of a trilogy of novels for children featuring a girl who performs with her parents. They act as mimes, among other things. At one point, she is in a stage production (perhaps on Broadway, perhaps not). There's a big number about the Champs-Élysées in which she gets a solo line: "Everyone's (singing? something) on the Champs-Élysées!" Many thanks to kid_lit_fan, who named the titles:

The Street Dancers by Elizabeth Starr Hill
Broadway Chances by Elizabeth Starr Hill
Curtain Going Up! by Elizabeth Starr Hill

Three Lives to Live by Anne Lindbergh is out-of-print, which makes me sad, because I don't own it. I don't want to give away the ending, so I'll say only this: I checked this book out of the library half a dozen times because I really liked the twist and the humor.

Books You've Been Planning To Read For Ages

Classics: I love classics. Always have, always will. I read The Great Gatsby in high school and loved it so much that it was years before I read another F. Scott Fitzgerald book; I didn't want to find another of his books disappointing. Finally, I read Tender of the Night. It was fine. It wasn't as amazing as The Great Gatsby, but it wasn't disappointing. I need to read This Side of Paradise. In the can-you-believe-she-hasn't-read-that-yet?! category, we have Jane Eyre, Sense & Sensibility (I read Pride & Prejudice when I was tiny), Brave New World, and more.

Juvenile and Teen Series: I need to catch up on The Principles of Love by Emily Franklin (I read and enjoyed the first book) and Babymouse by the Holms (I read the first and second graphic novels).

Books Dealing With Something You're Working On At The Moment

At this time, I am not reading anything which is specifically related to my work nor to my own writing. This week, I've read two vampiric comedies, two juvenile comedies, one juvenile drama, and one contemporary fantasy.

Books You Want To Own So They'll Be Handy Just In Case

Handy = reference to me, and reference preference = dictionary.

I love words. I love learning the origins and definitions of words. Therefore, I love dictionaries. Whenever I pass by a dictionary on a display, I open up to a random page to learn a new word. I still have the first dictionary I was ever given. I don't feel the need for more.

Books You Could Put Aside Maybe To Read This Summer

I don't put books away. I tend to read them within a week or two of receipt.

Books You Need To Go With Other Books On Your Shelves

I could name many books here. I have a list of books I want to read and a list of books I have already read and would like to own.

I own almost every single Christopher Golden book. I want those that I'm missing, naturally.

I am utterly fascinated by Ancient Egypt. This is my biggest non-fiction interest. I have a great deal of books related to the subject.

Books That Fill You With Sudden, Inexplicable Curiosity, Not Easily Justified

I don't know what is supposed to fall under this category, really, because to me, everything IS explicable. (Yes, that is a word.) If I don't know about something, I look it up. I am research girl. I like everything to be explained and defined.

Books are tasty. So are these multigrain crackers.
(I use a lot of parentheses in this post.)
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