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Dream Spinner by Bonnie Dobkin

A dream is a wish your heart makes . . . or so they say. It can also be a nightmare.

Dream Spinner, Bonnie Dobkin's first novel, weaves together the stories of two sisters, a popular teen couple, a mysterious professor, a dog, a tapestry, and a talented spider.

Jori lived through the car accident that killed her father. Scarred for life, both physically and emotionally, she is weighed down by her survivor's guilt. Her personality changes as she pulls away from her remaining family members - her mother and her younger sister Lisa - and is pushed away by her school friends.

After an afternoon in detention, she discovers a strange door, a barking dog, and a professor named DePris. Eventually, this strange old man shows Jori a spider with the power to weave dreams into a tapestry. When Lisa enters this dreamworld and refuses to leave, Jori goes on a quest to rescue her younger sister. Three of her classmates have also fallen prey to DePris' manipulative ways and are traveling through the tapestry. In order for any of them to get home, sacrifices must be made, and Jori is forced to confront her inner demons and darkest fears.

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Read my interview with the author.
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