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fangs4freaks by Serena Robar

"What can I say? I'm not a complicated chick."

Readers first met Colby in braced2bite by Serena Robar. Back then, she was a popular high school cheerleader -- that is, until she was bitten by a vampire and turned into a half-vampire herself. After proving her worth to the immortal vampire council, she was named the Protector and permitted to exist.

In fangs4freaks, Colby trades in her pom poms for Greek letters. Now a college freshman but still the Protector, she has been given the honor of leading a sorority filled with other half-bloods. Think Legally Blonde with bite. She decorates all of the main rooms in various shades of pink and names the house Psi Phi (pronounced "sci fi"). She is super excited to meet her new "sisters" and welcomes them with open arms.

Unfortunately, one of those girls comes out swinging, the second comes in bunny slippers, and another is British-Russian royalty who comes with oodles of luggage and a maid. The last two girls hail from California and are used to a party scene. Just when the sorority sisters are starting to get settled, a murder shakes up the house - and one of the other girls might be the murderer.

fangs4freaks is just as funny as its predecessor. Colby has grown up just a smidge since braced2bite and is getting stronger and smarter with every mission, but she's still a teenage girl at heart. Throughout this story, Colby yearns to get closer to her boyfriend, Thomas, a no-nonsense Vampire Investigator, and trades quips with her cynical best friend, Piper. If you're looking for a romantic comedy with a touch of mystery and a ton of vampires, sink your teeth into this series.

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