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Five Things Meme

Christopher Golden tagged me for the Five Things You Probably Don't Know (and Don't Need to Know) About Me meme. Let's go with the theme of foodstuffs, shall we?

1. I am a vegetarian. I am not vegan. I do not eat meat. I do not eat food which contains gelatin. I do like soymilk. I will have some dairy products, such as milk and cheese. I really love cheese. I love bread.

2. I have never liked the smell of seafood. I have never eaten any seafood other than tuna, in the form of a tuna fish sandwich when I was little. I stopped eating tuna when I discovered it was fish. However, I have never had a problem feeding the cats their meat-based food because I understand that is what they have to eat.

2. The smell of coffee gives me a headache. Therefore, I do not walk down the coffee aisle of the grocery store if I can help it, and I will not eat or drink anything that has even a drop of coffee in it. Give me cocoa any day.

3. I do not drink anything that is caffeinated. I do not like the taste of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or any of their offspring. I can only stand two of their distant cousins: lemon-lime (Shasta or 7-Up, but not Sprite, and never Mountain Dew) and root beer (tasty). Also, I sincerely doubt that I should have caffeine. I'm energetic enough without it. I also do not like the taste of water. Yes, you read that correctly. As I've said since I was little: "Water. Tastes. Funny." It also upsets my stomach. I will drink naturally flavored water, but not caffeinated flavored water nor sweetened-with-Splenda flavored water. (Guess what? I tried some last year and it gave me a migraine.) I have never had a drop of alcohol nor do I ever intend to. All that being said, I will drink water at work and if I'm at a restaurant. At home, I primarily drink 100% fruit juice.

5. I make my own meals. I eat a lot of pasta, rice, bread, vegetables, cheese, and granola. I do not patronize fast food establishments, and I rarely go to restaurants.
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