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Homefree by Nina Wright

Easter is used to worrying about her mother. Ever since her parents divorced, Easter's pretty much been raising herself, watching her mom go from boyfriend to boyfriend and moving from place to place. Now they are in Florida, dealing with the fact that her mom's about to have a kid with her newest guy - who is still married to someone else.

Now Easter is worrying about herself. While sitting in class at her new school, she feels as though she's back in one of the places she used to live. She really feels it and she sees it. This isn't a dream - it's astral projection, with her body in one place and time, and her mind in another.

Then Easter starts to worry about her best friend. Andrew has disappeared. So did Easter's father, after the divorce, but this situation is different. Easter feels compelled to find Andrew, the only real friend she's ever had, and make sure that he is okay.

During another out-of-body experience, Easter meets a very strange man who seems very certain that she has a special gift. Though what he tells her sounds crazy at first, he is making more sense than anyone else around her. She learns about a place where gifted teenagers go - where she, too, can go. Should she use her power to find Andrew? Can she ever really be free of her mother? Will she finally have someplace to call home?

HOMEFREE begins as the story of a girl with a less-than-stellar home life, then evolves into something supernatural. Along the way, Easter subconsciously grows into the role she is eventually given, so subtly that she is surprised by her newfound abilities and the faith others have in her. Readers will know she had it in her the whole time, and they will be eager to return to her world in the sequel, SENSITIVE.

Read my interview with Nina Wright!

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