June 17th, 2007


Summer Blog Blast Tour 2007

What is the SBBT?

Colleen from the insightful blog Chasing Ray has organized a week-long series of author interviews at various blogs. This event is called the Summer Blog Blast Tour, or SBBT for short. Discover what prompted Colleen to create the SBBT.

Count Me In!

I am very pleased to be a part of the SBBT. I posted interviews at Bildungsroman nearly every day of the event:

Jordan Sonnenblick (Monday, June 18th)
Christopher Golden (Tuesday, June 19th)
Ysabeau Wilce (Thursday, June 21st)
Dana Reinhardt (Friday, June 22nd)

The entire SBBT schedule:

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All SBBT interviews, alphabetical by author:

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What I've Read, What I'll Read

The tour included many authors whose books I've read, others whose books I've heard of but have yet to read, and a few that I had never known. I've read books by two-thirds of the authors involved. The interviews offered additional information on those whose works I've read -

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- and made me interested in reading stories by those I have not.

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Many Thanks

A lot of time, dedication, research, and legwork (by way of fingers doing the walking - hurrah for electronic correspondence) went into the SBBT. I love to share the love of reading, and I think the aim of SBBT was exactly that. It was also to connect authors with bloggers and readers, which I'd say it achieved! Thank you to all of the participants.

No one did more than Colleen, the creator, organizer, and director of the entire event. Thank you, Colleen. Congratulations on the success of the SBBT. It was, indeed, a blast.