June 19th, 2007

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Interview: Christopher Golden

Those who visit my blog regularly have come to expect at least two things: posts relating to YA literature, and posts praising the works of Christopher Golden.

Christopher Golden is a talented author who has successfully tackled the genres of horror, fantasy, and mystery. Not only that, but he has written for adults, teenagers, and children. I find his storytelling ability to be unparalleled, and I often want to start a story of my own when I am done reading one of his. We write very differently, and I don't ever aim to mimic his tone or style. I do hope that one day my stories inspire someone else like his have inspired me.

Recently, between me updating his website and him writing his next novel, I interviewed him for the Summer Blog Blast Tour - and we had a blast.

When approaching a new novel, what is your writing routine? Do you outline, set up personal deadlines, or write for a certain length of time every day?

I always have some kind of outline. Sometimes it's just a few pages, and others as much as twenty five pages. If it's a collaborative novel, there will often be a chapter by chapter outline that breaks down every scene, but otherwise I try to avoid such things. They're too limiting. I don't set up my own deadlines -- the publisher does that.

I do generally set short term goals. I write Monday through Friday, though frequently my mornings are taking up by e-mail and other business and the writing ends up shifting to the afternoon. All too often, I end up making up for lost time at night or on the weekend.

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CRASHING PARADISE, the fourth novel of THE MENAGERIE dark fantasy series by Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski, will be landing in stores this August.

If you are unfamiliar with Golden's works, please read this author spotlight, in which I shed some light on his bibliography and backstory.

If you're ready to start reading his books but aren't sure where to start, please check out my recommendations. (Thanks to TadMack for prompting that post!)

Please drop by his official website at www.christophergolden.com

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