December 4th, 2007


The Cybils: 2007 YA Nominations

Nominations for The Cybils book awards closed November 21st, 2007. The nominating committees selected between five and eight finalists per category, and those finalists were announced in January 2008. The judging panels selected one winner per category. The winners were announced in February 2008.

In 2006, I was on the YA nominating panel. In 2007, I was proud to be on the middle grade nominating panel and be the YA henchwoman. The latter title means I encouraged folks to nominate their favorite pieces of teen fiction, and I now encourage folks to read the nominees!

I love how varied the nominations are - as they were last year too - ranging from serious books to comedic tales to seriocomedic dramedies, from books about culture and religion to sports and careers, with family and friends, school and summer camp, order, disorders, and reorder, first crushes, first loves, first losses, first dances, first jobs, and more.

Here's the full list. I will bold titles I've read, link to titles I've read and reviewed, and link to interviews I've conducted with authors.

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