January 5th, 2008

Lucy Woodward, happy

Readergirlz: Postergirlz

In April 2006, the readergirlz divas decided to form a teen advisory council. They asked if I wanted to lead the council and I immediately accepted. I also gave us a name: postergirlz.

At that time, the divas selected four more bloggers to join the council: Jackie, Jen, Alexia, and Miss Erin. HipWriterMama joined us in January 2008, and ShelfElf joined us in January 2009.

The postergirlz help select forthcoming books for the readergirlz book group and make additional recommendations.
Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell, knowing

Playlist: This Lullaby

By request, a playlist for This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen:

If I Am by 9 Days
Shoes by Stretch Princess
Out of Order by Duncan Sheik
Indifference by Jessica Riddle
This Side by Nickel Creek
Truthfully by Lisa Loeb
I Want To Hold Your Hand by The Beatles
I've Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher
Your House by Jimmy Eat World
Lullaby by Jonatha Brooke

Check out Author Spotlight: Sarah Dessen, with a complete list of her works and my reviews of her novels. Also read the conversation my friend Suze and I had about Sarah's books. I also reviewed This Lullaby in my Thanksgiving article for SparkNotes.