January 16th, 2008

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Imprint: Scholastic

Every time I get a Scholastic book, I feel like a kid again. In elementary school, I declared Scholastic to be my favorite publisher because it gave me The Baby-Sitters Club. Now I'm an adult, and I still love Scholastic. Its various imprints include:

Candy Apple - Cute, quick reads for ages 8 to 12, mostly appealing to girls. Here's the Candy Apple line-up so far.

Graphix - The person who hired Raina Telgemeier to illustrate The Baby-Sitters Club graphic novels should get a raise - and so should Raina - for introducing the stories to a whole new generation!

Klutz - I remember when Klutz books first started to come out. I was given the juggling book and squares. (They weren't round.) Now there are a countless number of crafty and creative do-it-yourself books and kits. Aren't the gift certificates cool? Also check out the Build-a-Book Literacy Event.

Point - In the nineties, you gave me horror titles by the likes of Richie Tankersley Cusick, Caroline B. Cooney, R.L. Stine, and Diane Hoh. You also gave me Missing Since Monday by Ann M. Martin. Now you give me Suite Scarlett by the fantabulous Maureen Johnson. THANK YOU!

PUSH - Praise to David Levithan. Lots and lots of praise.

Scholastic Reference - Informative for all and attractive to kids.

... as well as Arthur A. Levine Books, The Chicken House, Scholastic en Español, and more!