February 9th, 2010

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What Makes Courtney Sheinmel Smile

Some things that make me smile:

My favorite song played in the background while I'm sitting in a restaurant. The thought of cookie dough cupcakes. Flipping through channels and catching a movie I forgot I loved. Long phone calls with good friends about nothing in particular. Getting an email from someone who has read my books. Writing a sentence that says exactly what I meant in my head. New Twitter followers. An unseasonably warm day in the middle of winter. When my suitcase is one of the first ones out on the carousel at the airport. Finding a couple dollars in a coat I haven't worn since last season. This photo from New Year's Day, when my nephew and nieces attacked me with silly string.

- Courtney Sheinmel

Want to know what makes other authors and readers smile? Follow the series of interviews.

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Interview: Christopher Golden

Christopher Golden updated his FAQ today, adding questions and answers regarding some of his most popular series.

Will you be writing any more Body of Evidence books?

I love Jenna Blake. She's one of my favorite characters to write, and I certainly hope to do more with her in the future. At the moment, however, any such plans are on hold. The original published of the BODY OF EVIDENCE series, Pocket Books, has opted not to continue with the series. That doesn't mean you won't see Jenna again, but there are no immediate plans for her.

Will there be any more Shadow Saga/Peter Octavian books?

Yes! There's a new Peter Octavian book on the horizon: WAKING NIGHTMARES will be coming out in April 2011. Between now and then, new editions of every book in this series will be released, each with a brand-new cover. The first book, OF SAINTS AND SHADOWS, will have a new foreword by Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire mysteries. See the new covers and the publishing schedule.

Will there be any more novels in the OutCast series?

Universal has the film rights to OUTCAST at the moment and are developing a script. If the movie gets made, there will likely be more books. Otherwise, it's very unlikely.

Will there be any more Prowlers novels?

I'll never say never. I enjoyed writing the quartet and have a great passion for those characters. But there are no plans at the present time.

To learn more about Christopher Golden, please visit christophergolden.com