February 10th, 2010

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Interview: Carrie Jones and Alyxandra Harvey

Sometimes, vampires and pixies get along . . . or at least their creators do! Together, authors Carrie Jones and Alyxandra Harvey are currently touring the country in two ways: in-store book signings and virtual appearances at blogs. Their blog tour is being referred to as Valentine with Bite. Their newest works were recently published by Bloomsbury: Captivate, the second book in Carrie Jones' supernatural trilogy, and Hearts at Stake, the first book in Alyxandra's vampiric series The Drake Chronicles. We celebrated our shared appreciation of poetry, peace, and paranormal prose in this interview, which took place right before they kicked off their bookstore tour.

Little Willow: Did you two know each other prior to setting up this tour, or did you meet simply because you share a publisher? Wait - have you met in person yet, or only virtually?

Carrie Jones: We still have only met virtually. I think it's safe to say that we're both psyched-slash-terrified of going on a a book tour.

Alyxandra Harvey: We haven't actually met yet! But I'm sure we'll be hunting out gold pixie dust and pale Drake brothers in no time.

Little Willow: I'll bet! Both of you have gifted your protagonists with interesting first names. Alyx, how did you select the name Solange?

Alyx: I keep lists of names I like, along with a pile of baby name books. Finding that perfect name is one of my favourite parts of the book-building process. And I liked the faintly unusual sound of Solange. It just had that inner click for me.

Little Willow: Cool. Carrie, what made you pick Zara?

Carrie: I really need a name that meant princess, but I couldn't use Sarah because that made me think of Sarah Silverman, who I grew up with. Sarah has such a strong personality that she would have totally possessed my character. So I did a little research and found Zara.

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