February 16th, 2010

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The New Dead: A Zombie Anthology edited by Christopher Golden

Prepare yourselves. Today - Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 - The New Dead shall rise.

Publishers Weekly Starred Review:

The 19 provocative, haunting, and genuinely unsettling original stories in this zombie anthology move the genre beyond its usual apocalyptic wastelands. David Liss's novelette "What Maisie Knew" is a stunning and gruesome meditation on the banality of capitalism and evil. Mike Carey's "Second Wind" is a haunting tale of an undead stockbroker who comes to question whether he ever truly lived. Lovers of more traditional zombie fare will also not be disappointed. Joe Hill's ingenious "Twittering from the Circus of the Dead" tells a classic slasher film story through Twitter posts, while Jonathan Maberry's heartbreaking "Family Business" describes a ruined America populated by kindly monks and zombie hunters. This powerful anthology shines a bright and unflinching light on the fears of death, decay, and loss that underpin America’s longstanding obsession with the undead. (Feb.)

Jacket Summary:


The hungry dead have risen. They shamble down the street. They hide in back yards, car lots, shopping malls. They devour neighbors, dogs and police officers. And they are here to stay. The real question is, what are you going to do about it? How will you survive?

How will the world change when the dead begin to rise?

Stoker-award-winning author Christopher Golden has assembled an original anthology of never-before-published zombie stories from an eclectic array of today's hottest writers. Inside there are stories about military might in the wake of an outbreak, survival in a wasted wasteland, the ardor of falling in love with a zombie, and a family outing at the circus. Here is a collection of new views on death and resurrection.

With stories from Joe Hill, John Connolly, Max Brooks, Kelley Armstrong, Tad Williams, David Wellington, David Liss, Aimee Bender, Jonathan Maberry, and many others, this is a wildly diverse and entertaining collection...the Last Word on the New Dead.

Table of Contents
"Lazarus" by John Connolly
"What Maisie Knew" by David Liss
"Copper" by Stephen R. Bissette
"In the Dust" by Tim Lebbon
"Life Sentence" by Kelley Armstrong
"Delice" by Holly Newstein
"Closure, LTD" by Max Brooks
"The Wind Cries Mary" by Brian Keene
"Family Business" by Jonathan Maberry
"The Zombie Who Fell From the Sky" by M.B. Homler
"My Dolly" by Derek Nikitas
"Second Wind" by Mike Carey
"Among Us" by Aimee Bender
"Ghost Trap" by Rick Hautala
"The Storm Door" by Tad Williams
"Kids and Their Toys" by James A. Moore
"Shooting Pool" by Joe R. Lansdale
"Weaponized" by David Wellington
"Twittering from the Circus of the Dead" by Joe Hill

Publishing Information
Trade Paperback, 400 pages
Release date: February 16th, 2010
Published by St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN-10: 0312559712
ISBN-13: 978-0312559717

Note: In the UK, this book is titled ZOMBIE: An Anthology of the Undead.

Psst... While you're at it, I recommend that you pick up the novel SOULLESS by Christopher Golden, which is my favorite zombie story of all time. Period. Read my review of Soulless.
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