February 26th, 2010

smile, Alicia Silverstone

What Makes You Smile?

I have an easy question for you:

What makes you smile?

Until the end of February, I'll be collecting responses from authors and posting them right here at Bildungsroman. Bookmark this post and check back throughout the month for more smile-worthy stories.

January 21st: Raina Telgemeier
January 31st: Julie Halpern
February 5th: Tom Sniegoski
February 8th: Josie Bloss
February 9th: Courtney Sheinmel
February 11th: Christopher Golden
February 15th: Courtney Summers
February 16th: Sara Lewis Holmes
February 18th: Lorie Ann Grover
February 22nd: Coe Booth
February 23rd: Jenny Han
February 24th: Daphne Grab
February 25th: Martha Brockenbrough
February 26th: Melissa Walker

We also had a special Smile giveaway. The deadline was February 28th!

Do you like variations on a theme? I've posted two other series of mini-interviews along the same lines: Definitions of Hope and Family Ties.

Poetry Friday: Nobody Needs to Know by Jason Robert Brown

We built a tree house
I keep it from shaking
Little more glue every time that it breaks
Perfectly balanced
And then I start making
Conscious, delibrate mistakes

- selected lyrics from Nobody Needs to Know from the musical The Last Five Years written by Jason Robert Brown

The Last Five Years is one of my favorite contemporary musicals, and I've quoted it on previous Poetry Fridays:
Moving Too Fast
Climbing Uphill
If I Didn't Believe in You

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smile, Alicia Silverstone

What Makes Melissa Walker Smile

On this winter day in particular: catching up on GLEE, watching the snow fall outside, an iced coffee (yes, even in the cold!) and my party heels, waiting to be worn tonight.

- Melissa Walker

Check out my full-length interview with Melissa.
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Visit us at readergirlz

This is the final installment of What Makes You Smile? I hope you've enjoyed this series of interviews, and that you've caught yourself smiling while reading. :)

Only two days left to enter the Smile giveaway! Share your story as text, blog, vlog, or art, and you could win a copy of Smile by Raina Telgemeier. Learn more + enter now!