May 13th, 2011

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Zack Whedon to Adapt Golden and Sniegoski's Talent Series

Very exciting news for my pals Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski: Universal Pictures has hired Zack Whedon to adapt Talent, a comic miniseries created by Christopher Golden, Tom Sniegoski, and Paul Azaceta, which was published by BOOM! Studios.

The adaptation news was officially broken today, thanks to Variety, and other entertainment websites and news providers.

The premise: When flight 654 goes down, it takes 148 souls with it. But not Nicholas Dane. How did the 34 year old college professor survive -- was it a miracle? Now Nicholas finds that he has the memories and skills of one of the passengers from the flight -- a boxer -- and he's got to use them to survive!

Talent was originally released as a four issue mini-series from BOOM! Studios. All four issues were later collected into a trade paperback, which you may order directly from the publisher by clicking here.

Learn more about Talent.