September 30th, 2016

fly, look up

Poetry Friday: Falltime by Carl Sandburg

What is there for you in the birds, the birds, the birds, crying down on the north wind in September, acres of birds spotting the air going south?
Is there something finished? And some new beginning on the way?

- from Falltime by Carl Sandburg

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Best Books of September 2016

September 2016: 10 books and scripts read

As summer turned to fall, I often had my nose in a script. A wide variety of genres were represented this month, from laugh-out-loud comedies and musicals to thrillers and mysteries and dramas based on historical events. I have always liked reading different types of stories - different formats, different themes, different styles. This holds true for what I watch and what I listen to - There are so many different forms of stories available on film and TV, in theatre, music, and books. So many voices, all with stories to tell.