February 15th, 2019


Poetry Friday: Cosmogony by Caki Wilkinson

A yarn ball and a hill
maintain an equipoise until
      their neatness starts to bore the gods
                of potential and energy
      who hedge bets, reckoning the odds
                of when the rest will be

set in motion, and who,
first stumbling upon this clew,
       constructed both the incline and
                the inclination to unwind.
       Like most gods, though, they haven’t planned
                to stay; they mastermind

the scheme, ex nihilio,
then slip behind the shadow show
       and designate an agent, chief
                remaker of their mischief made.
       Each time, disguised, this leitmotif
                gets salvaged and replayed,

a universe begins,
for orogens and origins
       suppose a Way Things Were before
                some volatile, untimely That—
       sweetness perverted by the core
                or belfry by the bat,

or here, a hilly green,
whose still life, eerily serene,
       completes their best contrivance yet:
                from high above, a williwaw,
       a hiss, and then the silhouette
                of one terrific paw.

- Cosmogony by Caki Wilkinson

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