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Readergirlz: April

I am a readergirl! Are you?

April is National Poetry Month. This month, Readergirlz spotlight On Pointe by Lorie Ann Grover.

A hopeful ballerina named Claire discovers that she may be considered too tall to pursue her dream. This book details grief, eating disorders, and family matters, all realistically explained. Most importantly, it is all conveyed with a sense of hope.

The novel is written in verse and flows as eloquently as the classical music Claire dances to, with a steady rhythm and pacing. All of the scenes that take place in a rehearsal studio and on stage feel incredibly real. The author herself was a dancer for years, and you can tell.

Please drop by and check out the current issue. After reading On Pointe, drop by the readergirlz forum to discuss the book with other readers - and with the author herself!

Learn more about readergirlz by reading the press release and my Q&A with the readergirlz divas. Also read my interview with Lorie Ann Grover and listen to her podcast at Just One More Book! Last but not least, visit the I am a Dancer booklist.
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