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Happy Accidents icons

One of my favorite new films is Happy Accidents, starring Marisa Tomei and Vincent D'onofrio. If I were to write up a plot summary, it would reveal too much of the film, so instead I will simply say this: I adore it. From start to finish, it is fabulous. The story, the details, the twists, the cinematography, the "quirky xylophone music" (as close captioning calls the original score), the actors, the characters, the photographs - all well-done and well-detailed. Not only do I give Happy Accidents four stars and two thumbs up, but it may very well be the newest addition to my list of favorite movies. It is very difficult for films to get on that list, especially modern ones.

I thank Stef for the initial recommendation, and I thank the Independent Film Channel for broadcasting the movie. I praise Brad Anderson, who wrote, directed and edited the movie. Thanks to Stef for providing the screencaps for my Happy Accidents icons, which are archived at Your Girl.
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