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Graffiti Girl by Kelly Parra

Do you have an artistic flair but don't feel confident in your abilities? Do you wish your family would acknowledge your strengths and your dreams? Meet Angel Rodriguez, a girl who feels the same way.

Graffiti Girl has a perfect title and, dare I say, a perfect cover. Kelly Parra's debut novel takes a look at cultural identity and peer pressure through the eyes of a sixteen-year-old named Angel. Her heart comes out in her artwork, and, more than anything, she wants someone else to appreciate that - and to appreciate her. When she discovers the underground graffiti art scene, she finds a new way to express herself and a new place to share her art.

Graffiti Girl will not inspire readers to deface property, but rather, to take pen to paper or paint to canvas. Every scene that takes place in art class or during a graf showdown makes it clear that the otherwise quiet Angel truly soars when she is drawing or painting.

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Make sure you have a sketchbook on hand, because you'll want one when you're done reading this book!

In fact, Kelly Parra donated an art bag packed with a sketchbook, Sharpie pens, Prisma pencils, an art gum eraser, and a copy of Graffiti Girl to a very special auction. Bidding ended on May 31st, 2007. All proceeds of the auction went towards the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Read my interview with Kelly Parra.

Read the first chapter of Graffiti Girl.
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