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Associated Content

Associated Content has published some of my articles! Visit my user page to read articles there. You may also use the links provided below or subscribe to the RSS feed. If you would like to rate my articles, please note that the rating is on a scale of one to five stars, with five stars being best. Thank you!

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Families and Parenting
Fancy Schmancy Pet Collars - Bejeweled beasts.
Childwise Exercise - Be a fit family.
Summer Jobs and Work Permits - How teens can acquire work permits.
Summer Camps - There's a camp for every kid.
Concierge Homes - How can you make a work-related move easy for your family?

Jean Jewels - Jazz up your jeans!
Hats Off - Hats are both fashionable and functional.

Gardening with the Kids - Green thumbs for little ones.
Valley Public Gardens - Visit an outdoor garden exhibit with your family.
How to Repel Bugs Just in Time for Summer - Enjoy the outdoors without being bitten by bugs.

Food and Beverages
Eat Your Greens - Lettuce, lettuce, lettuce.
Peas and Thank You - Plant peas, eat peas.
The Many Faces of Corn - Corn = good.
Drink Your Fruit - Fruit juice is tasty.
The Incredible, Spreadable Cream Cheese - Cream cheese adds flavor to many dishes.
Rice is Nice - and good for you!
Succulent Strawberries - Enjoy very berry treats.
Fudge Fatale - Did someone say chocolate?

Cosmetic Dentistry - Brighten that smile.
Mesotherapy: Miracle Weight Loss? - The history of mesotherapy.

The Soothing Sounds of Duncan Sheik - My favorite contemporary singer/songwriter.
Dance Dreams - Dancing inspires creativity, exercise, and discipline.
The History Behind Singin' in the Rain - Most people are familiar with the musical film - but what about the stage version?
The Life of Anthony Rapp In Print - A Broadway star shares his life and loss in his poignant memoir, Without You.

Books and Writers
I am pleased that Associated Content has picked up many of my author interviews and book-related pieces.
Sniegoski Saves the World - Learn more about the world of Billy Hooten, Owlboy in this interview with Tom Sniegoski.
Breaking the Rules - An interview with Sara Ryan.
A Real Look at Teen Depression - An interview with Julie Halpern.
Life, Vacation, and Paradise - An interview with Simone Elkeles.
Underground Stories - An interview with Simmone Howell.
Trust Your Instincts - An interview with Deborah Davis.
Invisible Friends and Imagination - An interview with Caroline Hickey.
Hope in Purple Boots - An interview with Gretchen Olson.
Get Your Own Tiara! - An interview with Stephanie Hale.
A New Kind of Pen Pal - An interview with C. Leigh Purtill.
Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Mysteries - In print and on screen.
Lost and Found - An interview with Kristen Tracy.
Dragons and Determination - An interview with Janet Lee Carey.
Talking Back - An interview with Alex Richards.
What My Reader Doesn't Know - An interview with Sonya Sones
Punk Rock Princess - An interview with Cecil Castellucci.
Reality Check - An interview with Joni Sensel.
Fairy Tales and Mental Health - An interview with Dia Calhoun.
Banned Books: Is The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson Too Cool for School?
Telling Tales - An interview with Karen Day.
A Friendly Debut - An interview with Julie Bowe.
Time to Bloom - An interview with Elizabeth Scott.
Twisted and Turned - An interview with Laurie Halse Anderson.
Spirited Spitfire - An interview with Sarah Miller.
Cats, Music, and Fashion - An interview with Nina Malkin.
Beauty is Within - An interview with Laura Bowers.
A Beast of a Tale - An interview with Alex Flinn.
Sirens Song - An interview with Wendy Toliver.
Drama Queen - An interview with E. Lockhart.
Zibby Zowie - An interview with Alison Bell.
Reaching and Growing - An interview with Tracie Vaughn Zimmer.
Red Carpet Gossip - An interview with Liane Bonin.
I'm With the Band - An interview with Debra Garfinkle.
Hollywood Hijinks - An interview with Mary Wilcox.
Inside the 'Cursed - Amber Benson and Christopher Golden discuss their Ghosts of Albion novel Accursed.
Truth Be Told - An interview with Justina Chen Headley.
Pointe and Flex - An interview with Lorie Ann Grover.
Questions for Markus Zusak - Author of The Book Thief.
Secrets and Spies - Fun times with author Ally Carter.
Achieving Order - An interview with Crissa-Jean Chappell.
Christopher Golden Writes Books for All Ages - Exactly.
Memories of Jersey - An interview with Kristen Buckley.
A New Vlad - An interview with Heather Brewer.
Spy Time - An interview with Shannon Greenland.
Holm on the Range - An interview with Jennifer L. Holm, Newbery Honor recepient.
Jersey Girl - Robin Friedman celebrates her state and her debut novel.
Top That - Talking to Jenny Han.
Why You Should Stay - An interview with Garret Freymann-Weyr.
The Borderkind at Dawn - Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon interview each other.
How To Write a Successful Debut Novel - An interview with Carrie Jones.
The Story of The Other Sister - Speaking with S.T. Underdahl about adoption stories.
Readergirlz - An interview with the founders of readergirlz.
Carolina Stories - An interview with Kerry Madden.
True Heartbreak - An interview with Margo Rabb.
Strength of Character - Booklist - strong young women in fiction.
Funny Fiction for Kids - Booklist - comedies for ages 8 and up.
But I Don't Want to Be Famous - Booklist - characters dealing with unwanted fame.
Writing, Reading, and Occasionally Sleeping - Talking with Tom Sniegoski.
Stages: The Development and Production of Jordan Roter - An aspiring actress gets a lucky break and becomes a published author.
Banned Books Week - Encouraging Americans to read challenged classics and contemporary stories.
Summer Reads - Booklist - stories set in summertime.
Enthusiasm and Determination - An interview with author Polly Shulman.
Books for All Ages (or, Why I Don't Use the Term MG - Middle Grade) - Readers come in all ages and abilities.
Book Recommendations from Teens for Teens - What my regular customers are reading.
Teen Picks - What teen (and tween) siblings are reading.
Rules of Her Own - Newbery Honor recipient Cynthia Lord talks about her book, her family, and her hopes.
Young Adult Fiction: Rites of Initiation - Four authors speak openly about their award-winning books.
Five Questions for Sarah Dessen - A quick Q&A with bestselling author Sarah Dessen.
Peter Pan and Friends - Readers have been drawn to the eternal boy for over one hundred years.
Judging the Cover - While I urge people not to judge books by their covers, I do salute those which truly suit the stories.
Juvenile Book Series of the 80s and 90s - A sampling of series I read as a kid.
Major Publishing Companies Offer Free Book Programs
Three Original Writing Contests for Teens

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