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Lost It by Kristen Tracy

Lost It has a perfect title. Yes, the book IS what you think it's about, but it's not ONLY about that. It's about losing your keys. It's about losing your focus. It's about losing your fears. It's about losing your heart.

Kristen Tracy populates her debut novel with memorable, unconventional characters, from the impulsive mother to the somewhat saucy grandmother, from the unpredictable and seemingly sinister best friend to the leading character herself, the unassuming Tess, who has exploding shoes and a tremendous fear of the outdoors.

The most stable character is Ben, the boy who comes into Tess' life during her junior year of high school. He is the catalyst for many of her changes, but in fact, these changes come about due to her own choices and actions. It is she who lets down her guard. It is she who fibs, just a little bit, then trips and falls on the snowball eventually created by that lie.

Lost It will make readers laugh out loud from the very first page. The word 'pageturner' is typically reserved for mysteries and thrillers, but it applies in this case as well. The narration zips along at the speed of thought, and as Tess hints at past and future events, readers will be anxious to find out what happens.

Utterly quirky, totally fun, and surprisingly engrossing, Lost It is a book you should find and keep.

Recommended for older teens and adults.

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