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Readergirlz: Community Challenge: Go Eco

Earth Day everyday! You read about it - now DO something about it!

This month's readergirlz Community Challenge is all about Going Green. This week's goal: Lifestyle Changes

* Shorten your shower time! You'll save time and water. When you take a shower tomorrow, set a timer. You may be shocked to learn how long you're in there. Then, the next time you take a shower, set an alarm or timer for five minutes -- or even three minutes -- and keep the routine up daily. Soon, you'll get used to shorter showers and you won't need the timer.

* Recommit to recycling. I recycle every weekend or every other weekend, depending on how many empty juice containers I have accumulated that week, and then I use the money I get from recycling to buy yummy vegetables, fresh fruit, 100% natural fruit juice, or twelve-grain wheat bread.

* Instead of shopping at mainstream stores, check out garage sales, bargain stores with clearance or used clothing or other merchandise, or trade items with friends. Go one step further and walk or bike to the shops rather than driving. Go two steps further by donating your old clothes, books, and other stuff to organizations, hospitals, libraries, and schools.

Additional links:

Readergirlz is spotlighting YouthNoise this month, which is full of articles and ideas.

The readergirlz divas also recommend MSN's Stop Global Warming shop.

TadMack recommends

EZine offers more shower time-saving tips.

California residents: Find a rePLANET recycling center near you!
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