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Free Monkey World Tour: Girl Meets Monkey

A very special guest arrived yesterday -- a small visitor who goes by the name Free Monkey.

He may appear to be "a simple sock monkey in a T-shirt," but he is a complex creature with a story all his own. He was born in England, then adopted by author Maureen Johnson, who brought him to the United States. Last month, Maureen decided to send him around the world on his very own tour.

I happened to interview Maureen this month. Here's how she described the Free Monkey World Tour:

"Because I can only go so many places to promote Girl at Sea (I have to be at my desk, writing), my companion and consultant FREE MONKEY offered to go to various places around the United States and the world to spread the word. The tour got off to a great start. Free Monkey went on a pre-tour visit to Hank Green (of Brotherhood 2.0 fame), and then [went on] to visit you!"

I was pleased to be picked as one of the hosts. Here's how day one of our visit went:

Yesterday, after Free Monkey emerged from my mailbox, he recovered quickly from his jet lag and was eager to see what I was doing. I showed him around my place, and he settled right in.

I apologize for the poor quality of these photos. I got a digital camera. It didn't work. I used a camera phone instead.

Free Monkey World Tour
Stop One, Day One: Girl Meets Monkey

Free Monkey pays me (Little Willow) a visit

Free Monkey sits on the throne
to honor the memory of my cat Hollywood
and to compare wings with Tinker Bell

Dangles meets Free Monkey

Free Monkey reads Girl at Sea,
written by his owner, Maureen Johnson

Free Monkey sits in front of
a pyramid of Maureen Johnson books

Free Monkey reads banned books, and so should you!

After snapping these photos, Free Monkey sat down at my computer and wrote an email to his owner.

Dear Maureen,


Little Willow seems happy to see me. She introduced me to her boss and her summer helpers at the bookstore. I also met a stuffed monkey named Dangles, which came from Little Willow's fake brother KAM. (He doesn't know Uncle John or Uncle Hank, though.)

Now she's home, so we're going to watch a movie with some lady named Barbara Candlestick -- oops, she said the last name is actually Stanwyck -- and post at her blog so everyone knows I'm here.

Have fun in Georgia!

From your favorite V.I.P.*
Free Monkey

*Very Important Primate

What happened next? Check out Day Two: Take Your Monkey to Work Day.

Want to know more about the monkey, the myth, the legend?
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Check out all of Maureen's posts about Free Monkey (Thanks, Technorati!)
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