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Free Monkey World Tour: Take Your Monkey to Work Day

Free Monkey World Tour
Day Two: Take Your Monkey to Work Day

Free Monkey's day started bright and early, and we got to work early and bright. He was given a tour of my workplace, where he climbed the bookshelves to his heart's content. He also climbed a locker, a tree, and big stacks of boxes.

Free Monkey met other critters, such as a stuffed orangutan, and shook hands with my co-workers. He listened intently to our discussion about Wicked. One person recently saw the musical, another person read the book, and I've read it and seen it (the latter thanks to YouTube), but our special visitor seemed most interested in hearing about the flying monkeys.

He showed his sweet and sassy sides while posing for pictures. A disposable camera was acquired especially for this event - Thanks, Romanov Princess! - and since I couldn't develop those pictures today, expect to see them at a later date. Someone else had a digital camera, so we were able to snap and upload the following images. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger version of the picture in a new window.

Free Monkey smooches Romanov Princess.

Romanov Princess reads to Free Monkey from Looking for Alaska, written by his uncle, John Green.

Free Monkey visits Maureen's blog and reads about himself.

After reading Maureen's blog, Free Monkey decided that he liked the viewpoint from my desk, so there he stayed while I completed paperwork and data entry. In the afternoon, I swung by the post office to send Free Monkey off to his next host. I told him what I always tell my friends and loved ones when they travel: "Have fun and be safe!"

Did you miss yesterday's post? Read Free Monkey World Tour: Girl Meets Monkey.
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