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Why Do You Read?

The YA Authors Cafe is having a series of open discussions based on questions submitted by authors and bloggers. They have posted my question:

Why do you read? Do you look for books that are similar to YOUR life or vastly different?

I don't necessarily seek out books with plots which are similar to my own life. I'm grateful that my life hasn't been as predictable or as angst-ridden as those depicted in many books.

I read to relate AND to escape. Sometimes, I need a book to distract me from real life; other times, I need a book that calms me down.

I read a wide variety of books because I enjoy a variety of topics. I enjoy books that make me think. I'm just as likely to pick up a book about mathematics as I am about Ancient Egypt. I'll read a new teen fiction release one day and a classic British novel the next.

I read fiction because I love stories.

I read non-fiction because I love truth.

I read every single day because I love words.

Thank you to the Cafe for selecting and sharing my topic, and thank you everyone who has answered thus far.

You may post your answers here at Bildungsroman and/or at the Cafe.
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