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Radar Recommendations: The Body of Evidence series, Post 3 of 3

While Jackie and I were comparing notes and completing the Body of Evidence survey, I took the opportunity to ask author Christopher Golden for the inside scoop on the series.

Favorite main character?

Jenna, of course!

Favorite supporting character?

Slick. I love them all, but Slick is so much fun to write.

Favorite book in the series?

Probably Thief of Hearts, though I'm also quite partial to Last Breath and Skin Deep.

What inspired the series?

My editor at the time called me up and said, "Three words: Scully in college." I took it from there.

What prompted you to (FINALLY!) write a teen fiction series?

I'd actually written two YA horror novels in the mid nineties. They were fairly mediocre, but I'd always wanted to do it again. I like to think I have a fairly decent handle still on what it felt like to be in high school.

When and how did Rick Hautala come on board?

I'd agreed to write a second series for Pocket and thought it would be easier--and energizing--to collaborate with someone on the series. I'd known Rick for many years, since before I wrote my first novel, and I think we gelled really well. Though his name isn't on the cover, the first book he co-wrote with me was SKIN DEEP. They'd already done the cover before he came on board, believe it or not.

How much research did you do to ensure the stories' authenticity?

I talked to everyone. Doctors, medical examiners, FBI, Coast Guard, name it, I talked to them. Where the weird science was concerned, I let myself improvise. But most of the real medical stuff comes directly from first hand conversations.

Would you ever write more BoE books?

In a heartbeat. I'm just waiting for the opportunity.

Are there more stories to tell?


To learn more about author Christopher Golden and his vast library of books, please visit

This is the last of three entries I posted today regarding the Body of Evidence book series as part of the Recommendations Under the Radar project. Part One gives the basic premise of the series and the first book, Body Bags. I compared notes with Jackie from the Interactive Reader blog in Part Two. Author Christopher Golden himself dropped by for an exclusive interview in Part Three.

Though this is the final post in this crazy Monday trilogy, this will hardly be the last time that I talk about the books!

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