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Readergirlz: 31 Flavorite Authors

31 Flavorite Authors
Are you ready for the inside scoop?

Every night in October, a different YA author will chat with readers at the readergirlz forum starting at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST (with the exception of the Halloween chat, which will be held at 9 PM PST/12 AM midnight EST). This exclusive author interaction is part of the first-ever 31 Flavorite Authors event, supported by YALSA and Teen Read Week.

Week One
October 1st: Meg Cabot
October 2nd: Tiffany Trent
October 3rd: Brent Hartinger
October 4th: Lorie Ann Grover
October 5th: K.L. Going
October 6th: Nikki Grimes

Week Two
October 7th: Ellen Hopkins
October 8th: Justina Chen Headley
October 9th: Chris Crutcher
October 10th: Ann Brashares
October 11th: Sarah Mlynowski
October 12th: Cecil Castellucci
October 13th: Kirby Larson

Week Three
October 14th: Tanya Lee Stone
October 15th: John Green
October 16th: Sara Zarr
October 17th: Deb Caletti
October 18th: Rachel Cohn
October 19th: Kirsten Miller
October 20th: Mitali Perkins

Week Four
October 21th: Sonya Sones
October 22th: Lisa Yee
October 23th: Carolyn Mackler
October 24th: E. Lockhart
October 25th: Janet Lee Carey
October 26th: Gaby Triana
October 27th: Lauren Myracle

Week Five
October 28th: Holly Black
October 29th: Cynthia Leitich Smith
October 30th: Dia Calhoun
October 31th: Stephenie Meyer (Special time: 9 PM PST/MIDNIGHT EST)

Mark your calendars, spread the news, visit, read the October issue of readergirlz, friend the readergirlz MySpace page, and join the readergirlz group forum.

Download the 31 Flavorites poster, available in three sizes and formats: Large PDF, small PDF, and JPG.

Download and print the 31 Flavorites bookmark.

Readergirlz is a literacy project founded by four female authors - Justina Chen Headley, Lorie Ann Grover, Dia Calhoun and Janet Lee Carey - in an effort to encourage teenagers to read and discuss quality books featuring gusty girls, and to get active in their communities. For more information, please visit

Little Willow
on behalf of postergirlz, the official advisory council for readergirlz


Here's A Tasty Quiz

About a week into October, I happened upon an ice cream quiz which I felt fit the 31 Flavorites theme. Here are my results:

I find this amusing, because although the busy-but-balanced description suits me, I do not drink coffee, nor do I drink or eat anything that tastes vaguely like coffee or contains caffeine. The smell of coffee gives me a headache, so I do not often go to coffee shops, and I tend to avoid the coffee aisle in the grocery store. I don't drink soda. I dislike the flavour and I really, really don't need caffeine.

Discuss your quiz results at the readergirlz forum.

Meanwhile, the readergirlz divas asked each participating author to name his or her favorite ice cream flavor.

Meg Cabot: Chocolate ice cream
Tiffany Trent: Green tea ice cream
Brent Hartinger: No answer
Lorie Ann Grover: Happy birthday cake mix ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery
KL Going: Buttercrunch ice cream from Friendly's
Nikki Grimes: Butter pecan ice cream
Ellen Hopkins: Chocolate fudge ice cream
Justina Chen Headley: Green tea ice cream
Chris Crutcher: No favorite
Ann Brashares: No answer
Sarah Mlynowski: Cookie dough ice cream
Cecil Castellucci: Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Kirby Larsen: Jamoca almond fudge ice cream
Tanya Lee Stone: Mint chocolate chip ice cream, followed by coffee ice cream
John Green: Edy's American Idol sundae cone ice cream
Sara Zarr: No answer
Deb Caletti: To be determined
Rachel Cohn: Pistachio ice cream at Baskin-Robbins or Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby ice cream
Kirsten Miller: Green tea ice cream
Mitali Perkins: Extra chunky chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
Sonya Sones: Häagen-Dazs® dolce de leche ice cream bar
Lisa Yee: Chocolate mint ice cream, coffee chocolate chunk ice cream, and rocky road ice cream with almonds
Carolyn Mackler: Chocolate Therapy ice cream or mocha chip ice cream
E. Lockhart: Häagen-Dazs® dolce de leche ice cream and homemade cheesecake ice cream
Janet Lee Carey: Pistachio almond ice cream
Gaby Triana: Cookies 'n' cream ice cream
Lauren Myracle: Baskin-Robbins chocolate chip mint ice cream
Holly Black: Cardamom ice cream, rose ice cream, ginger ice cream, or green tea ice cream
Cynthia Leitich Smith: Strawberry-and-chocolate swirl ice cream
Dia Calhoun: Chocolate chip mint ice cream
Stephenie Meyer: Caramel ice cream


Come November

The success of 31 Flavorites was due to the hard work and good intentions shared by those in charge of and participating in the project, especially the divas. We reached readers of all ages, spoke with authors of various genres, and truly had people from all over the world attending the chats and discussing books.

Many thanks to the YALSA team and the readergirlz divas for expanding Teen Read Week into a month-long literacy fest.

Many thanks to the readers who supported 31 Flavorites, including new and regular posters at the readergirlz forum and my fabulous group of postergirlz.

Rock on, readergirlz!
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