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Readergirlz: readergirlz-on-the-road

The readergirlz co-founders - authors Lorie Ann Grover, Justina Chen Headley, Dia Calhoun, and Janet Lee Carey - are available for limited speaking engagements. They are also happy to offer an assembly for middle schools, high schools, libraries and conferences.

As award-winning authors who also promote philanthropy, they will speak about their own defining moments as writers and why giving back is critical in today's world. As well as drawing from their own award-winning body of work, the readergirlz co-founders will illustrate how characters in literature grow, claim their voices, and speak out for themselves and others -- all with the goal of galvanizing students to read, reflect, and reach out.

Join the thousands of librarians, including YALSA, who are part of the readergirlz movement and bring this panel to your high school, middle school, or library. Please contact Janet Lee Carey at for scheduling information.

Learn more about readergirlz-on-the-road by downloading the PDF brochure cover and inside scoop.
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