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Blogging for a Cure: Robert's Snow

Robert's Snow official press release from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute:
Be bold! Make it snow!

Art galleries in New England will become a winter wonderland starting this October as Robert's Snow: for Cancer's Cure, a benefit for sarcoma research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Mass., gets underway. More than 200 well-known children's book illustrators from around the world, including Mo Willems (Knuffle Bunny series), Kevin Hawkes (The Library Lion) and Patricia Polacco (Rotten Richie and the Ultimate Dare), have been given a five-inch wooden snowflake to transform into an original piece of art to be auctioned off online. Like actual snowflakes, each design is unique.

The snowflakes will be on display at the Have a Heart gallery in Newburyport from Oct. 3 - 22, with an open house all day on Oct. 6. Then the snowflakes will be on exhibit at the Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham from Oct. 30 - Dec. 2, with a kick-off reception on Nov. 4, at 4 p.m.

The snowflakes will be auctioned off to benefit Dana-Farber during three online auctions, on Nov. 19 - 23, Nov. 26 - 30 and Dec. 3 - 7. To preview the pieces online and to place a bid, go to The artwork is great for a holiday gift and bidding is open to everyone. Gallery hours and admission prices for the exhibits are online too.

The program was developed by children's book author and illustrator Grace Lin a few years ago. Just after getting married, her husband Robert Mercer was diagnosed with sarcoma, a cancer of the soft tissue and bone. While Mercer was receiving treatment, Lin told him a bedside story about a mouse that couldn't go outside to play in the snow. The story grew into a children's book, titled "Robert's Snow." When Lin was finishing the artwork for the book, her husband had a relapse, so her colleagues rallied to create Robert's Snow: for Cancer's Cure to increase awareness about sarcoma and to raise research funding. Mercer passed away in August 2007, but Robert's Snow: for Cancer's Cure continues as a legacy to his life.

Robert's Snow: for Cancer's Cure is in its third year and has already raised more than $200,000 for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, which is recognized by the National Cancer Institute as a world leader in cancer research and care. Dana-Farber is renowned for using its discoveries to improve cancer treatment for children and adults around the world.

Elizabeth Chernack
(617) 632-4687

Blogging for a Cure

Jules and Eisha of Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast said it best:

It's time, everyone! It's time for the Blogging for a Cure effort to begin! Seven cheers for all the bloggers who will be highlighting some of the 2007 snowflakes and the illustrators who created them in the name of helping to raise money to fight cancer for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Back in September, the call to bloggers began, and over 70 bloggers responded, saying that they'd like to do what they can in this multi-blog, cross-posting effort to drive traffic to the online Robert's Snow auctions and help raise money, we hope, for cancer research. And it's all in the memory of Robert Mercer, Grace Lin's husband, who recently passed away due to a rare form of cancer.

But starting [October 15th] - and lasting for over one month until the day before the auctions - over 65 bloggers will be highlighting some of the snowflakes and the illustrators who created them. [ . . . ] It will be a cinch for folks interested in bidding on a snowflake to find all the spots in cyberspace where bloggers will be featuring them and the talented folks who created them. We hope their interest is so piqued that they go and purchase a snowflake (or two or three).

I profiled illustrator Erik Brooks in this post filled with polar bears and puppy dogs.

If you'd like to support this blogging project, please contact Jules at seventhings *at* blaine *dot* org

Archive of Blogger Posts

Monday, October 15th
*Grace Lin at In the Pages
*Randy Cecil at ChatRabbit
*Michelle Chang at The Longstockings
*Kevin Hawkes at Cynthia Lord's LiveJournal (Read both her Sunday preview and her Monday post)
*Barbara Lehman at the excelsior file

Tuesday, October 16th
*Selina Alko at Brooklyn Arden
*Scott Bakal at Wild Rose Reader
*Alexandra Boiger at Paradise Found
*Paige Keiser at Your Neighborhood Librarian
*Janet Stevens at The Miss Rumphius Effect

Wednesday, October 17th
*Rick Chrustowski at laurasalas
*Diane DeGroat at Jama Rattigan's Alphabet Soup
*Ilene Richard at Something Different Every Day
*Brie Spangler at Lectitans
*Don Tate at The Silver Lining

Thursday, October 18th
*Brooke Dyer at Bookshelves of Doom
*D.B. Johnson at Lessons from the Tortoise
*Erin Eitter Kono at Sam Riddleburger
*Sherry Rogers at A Life in Books
*Jennifer Thermes at Through the Studio Door

Friday, October 19th
*Graeme Base at Just One More Book
*Denise Fleming at MotherReader
*Jeff Mack at AmoXcalli
*Jeff Newman at A Year of Reading
*Ruth Sanderson at Book Moot

Saturday, October 20th
*Linas Alsenas at A Wrung Sponge
*Theresa Brandon at The Shady Glade
*Karen Katz at Whimsy Books
*Judy Schachner at Kate's Book Blog
*Sally Vitsky at Shelf Elf: read, write, rave

Sunday, October 21st
*Matthew Cordell at Just Like the Nut
*Maxwell Eaton III at Books and Other Thoughts
*Roz Fulcher at Goading the Pen
*Susie Jin at sruble's world
*Susan Mitchell at Check It Out

Monday, October 22nd
*Rose Mary Berlin at Charlotte's Library
*Christopher Demarest at Writing and Ruminating
*David Macaulay at Here in the Bonny Glen
*Mark Teague at The Miss Rumphius Effect
*Sharon Vargo at Finding Wonderland

Tuesday, October 23rd
*Carin Berger at Chasing Ray
*Sophie Blackall at not your mother's bookclub
*Erik Brooks at Bildungsroman
*Marion Eldridgeat Chicken Spaghetti
*Brian Liesat Greetings from Nowhere

Wednesday, October 24th
*Sheila Baileyat lizjonesbooks
*Frank Dormerat What Adrienne Thinks About That
*Elisa Klevenat Big A, little a
*Jimmy Pickeringat Shaken & Stirred
*Consie Powellat Becky’s Book Reviews

Thursday, October 25th
*Margaret Chodos-Irvineat readergirlz
*Julia Denosat Interactive Reader
*Rebecca Doughtyat A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy
*Brian Flocaat A Fuse #8 Production

Friday, October 26th
*Margot Appleat Jo’s Journal
*Juli Kangasat Sam Riddleburger
*Ginger Nielsonat MISS O's SCHOOL LIBRARY
*David Ezra Steinat Hip Writer Mama

Saturday, October 27th
*Sarah Dillardat The Silver Lining
*Julie Fromme Fortenberryat Your Neighborhood Librarian
*John Hassettat cynthialord’s Journal
*Abigail Marbleat Please Come Flying

Sunday, October 28th
*Barbara Garrisonat Brooklyn Arden
*Kelly Murphyat ChatRabbit
*Ashley Wolffat A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy

Monday, October 29th
*Dan Santat at Writing and Ruminating
*Joanne Friar at The Longstockings
*Alissa Imre Geis at Wild Rose Reader
*Diane Greenseid at Just One More Book!!
*Sean Qualls at Brooklyn Arden

Tuesday, October 30th
*Ann Koffsky at Book Buds
*Bill Carman at A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy
*Gretel Parker at Finding Wonderland
*Matt Phelan at A Year of Reading
*Stephanie Roth at Writing with a broken tusk

Wednesday, October 31st
*Shawna Tenney at Kate's Book Blog
*Adam Rex at Booktopia and Welcome to my Tweendom
*Mo Willems at MotherReader
*Rolandas Kiaulevicius at a wrung sponge

Thursday, November 1st
*Karen Lee at sruble's world
*Diana Magnuson at A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy
*Melissa Iwai at Brooklyn Arden
*Victoria Jamieson at AmoXcalli and Cuentecitos
*Molly Idle at The Shady Glade
*Meghan McCarthy at A Fuse #8 Production

Friday, November 2nd
*Tracy McGuinness-Kelly at Sam Riddleburger's blog
*Sarah Kahn at Kate's Book Blog
*Sylvia Long at Whimsy Books
*Jeremy Tankard at the excelsior file
*Holli Conger at Please Come Flying

Saturday, November 3rd
*Susan Miller at Your Neighborhood Librarian
*Ellen Beier at What Adrienne Thinks About That
*Hideko Takahashi at The Silver Lining
*Judith Moffat at Jo's Journal
*Wendell Minor at Wild Rose Reader

Sunday, November 4th
*Joy Allen at Check It Out
*Robin Brickman at Greetings from Nowhere
*Lauren Stringer at laurasalas
*Nancy Wallace at In the Pages

Monday, November 5th
*Ana Alter at The Longstockings
*Laura Huliska Beith at Just One More Book!!
*Cece Bell at Jo's Journal
*Denise Ortakales at cynthialord’s Journal

Tuesday, November 6th
*Carol Heyer at The Shady Glade
*Joe Kulka at ChatRabbit
*Steven James Petruccio at Blog From the Windowsill
*Carol Schwartz at Jama Rattigan's Alphabet Soup

Wednesday, November 7th
*Jeff Ebbeler at Sam Riddleburger's blog
*Scott Magoon at Just One More Book!!
*Connie McLennan at The Shady Glade
*Julie Paschkis at the excelsior file

Thursday, November 8th
*Genevieve Cote at a wrung sponge
*Linda Graves at Your Neighborhood Librarian
*James Gurney at Charlotte's Library
*Matt Tavares at Please Come Flying

Friday, November 9th
*Susan Kathleen Hartung at Wild Rose Reader
*Mary Peterson at Brooklyn Arden
*Annette Simon at Check It Out and Deo Writer
*Melanie Watt at Whimsy Books

Saturday, November 10th
*R.W. Alley at at Jama Rattigan's Alphabet Soup
*Jeannie Brett at cynthialord’s Journal
*Daniel Mahoney at Paradise Found and Great Solutions to Team Challenges
*Amy Young at Kate's Book Blog

Sunday, November 11th
*Tim Coffey at The Silver Lining
*Elizabeth Dulemba at sruble's world
*Chris Gall at Through the Studio Door
*Amy Schimler at Please Come Flying

Monday, November 12th
*John Nez at ChatRabbit
*Liza Woodruff at Check It Out
*Jane Dippold at Just Like the Nut
*Mike Wohnoutka at laurasalas

Tuesday, November 13th
*Cynthia Decker at The Silver Lining
*Cecily Lang at Kate's Book Blog
*Jane Dyer at Whimsy Books
*Akemi Gutierrez at AmoXcalli and Cuentecitos
*Lee White at Please Come Flying

Wednesday, November 14th
*Philomena O'Neill at Jo's Journal
*Maggie Swanson at Chicken Spaghetti
*Timothy Bush at Here in the Bonny Glen
*Peter Emmerich at Loree Griffin Burns: A Life in Books

Thursday, November 15th
*Yangsook Choi at What Adrienne Thinks About That
*Laura Jacques at Cynthia Lord's Journal
*Mary Newell Depalma at Wild Rose Reader
*Leanne Franson at Just Like the Nut

Friday, November 16th
*Mary Haverfield at Your Neighborhood Librarian
*Lisa Kopelke at Lisa's Little Corner of the Internet
*Salley Mavor at ChatRabbit
*Greg Newbold at The Longstockings
*Elizabeth Sayles at AmoXcalli and Cuentecitos

Saturday, November 17th
*Paul Brewer at A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy
*Aaron Zenz at Jo's Journal
*Wendy Edelson at What Adrienne Thinks About That
*Joan Waites at Chicken Spaghetti

Sunday, November 18th
*Giles Laroche at Book, Book, Book
*Annie Patterson at Check It Out
*Teri Sloat at The Miss Rumphius Effect
*Annette Heiberg at Lisa's Little Corner of the Internet
*Wade Zahares at Wild Rose Reader

Thanks to Jules, Eisha, Jen, and Trisha for compiling and coding the links.

Additional Information

As posted by Elaine at Wild Rose Reader:
When Jules of 7-Imp put out her call in September for bloggers to interview/feature artists who had created snowflakes for Robert's Snow 2007 at their blogs, a number of artists had not yet sent in their snowflakes to Dana-Farber. As time was of the essence to get Blogging for a Cure underway, we worked with the list of artists whose snowflakes were already in possession of Dana-Farber. Therefore, not all the participating artists will be featured. This in no way diminishes our appreciation for their contributions to this worthy cause. We hope everyone will understand that once the list of artists was emailed to bloggers and it was determined which bloggers would feature which artists at their blogs, a schedule was organized and sent out so we could get to work on Blogging for a Cure ASAP. Our aim is to raise people's awareness about Robert's Snow and to promote the three auctions. We hope our efforts will help to make Robert's Snow 2007 a resounding success.

Additional Links

Visit Seven Impossible Things and bookmark the archive of snowflake posts.

Sheri created this video which features the snowflakes.

One of Gina's posts about the project was picked up by USA Today.

Readergirlz will be giving Grace and Robert a special shoutout in their November 2007 issue. Learn more.

See the Snowflakes

The Danforth Museum in Framingham featured the snowflakes October 31st through December 2nd, 2007. The Robert's Snow Artist Reception was held at the museum on November 4th.


Author Sam Riddleburger created these lovely ornaments, which anyone may easily download and print.

Once More

If you'd like to support this blogging project, please contact Jules at seventhings *at* blaine *dot* org
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