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OutCast by Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski

The first book has been out for over a year and a half, and it still jumps off of the shelf regularly. I am finally setting aside some time this afternoon to write my own reviews for these fantastic books. Who is going to cast the thousandth vote?

In the world of OUTCAST, everyone and everything is magic. Everyone, that is, except for Timothy. For his own safety, his kind father kept him hidden away for years, providing him with a safe haven and a chance at a decent - albeit magic-free - childhood.

When his father passes away, Timothy is flung back into the world. Now everyone knows he exists. Who can he trust? Where can he go? He must decide who his allies are - and quickly, because assassins are coming for him.

The books are packed with action, fantasy, and drama. Timothy is surrounded by intriguing, strong characters: a warrior who can blend in with his surroundings; a robot buddy of his own creation; firebreathing, war-torn dragons; a talking raven named Edgar; and Cassandra, a girl who may or may not be on the same side as her power-hungry grandfather.

THE UN-MAGICIAN is a magical beginning to the OUTCAST quartet. Grammar school kids can read the series with very little trouble. The books are also great to read out loud. I recommend OUTCAST: THE UN-MAGICIAN to any family that enjoys fantasy series. There's something here for everyone, whether you like the otherworldly creatures in The Spiderwick Chronicles or the battles and tribunals featured in Star Wars.

Below the cuts are the official book jacket summaries.

Book One: The Un-Magician

The most dangerous boy in the world?

Timothy is a freak, a weakling, an impossibility. He's the only person in existence without magical powers and has spent his entire life hidden on a remote island. When Timothy is finally taken back to the city of his birth, he is fascinated by the current of magic that fuels the world, and mesmerized by the buildings and orbs that hang weightlessly in the sky.

But he is also marked for death.

Assassins are watching his every move, and the government wants him destroyed. Timothy can't imagine what threat he could possibly pose; after all, he wields no power in this world.

Or does he?

Book Two: Dragon Secrets

After learning how his powerlessness can be used as a weapon in the world of magic and defeating Nicodemus's plan to overthrow the government, Timothy travels to a war-torn dimension to help the Wurm, fierce magicians and warriors descended from an ancient dragon race. But while covertly gathering information on the age-old feud between the Wurm and the Parliament of Mages. Timothy discovers a very different story--one of peaceful Wurms and a conspiracy led by the Parliament of Mages.

But that's not the only problem on Timothy's hands. The mysterious girl he spotted in SkyHaven is the granddaughter of Nicodemus, and she's challenging Leander's right to be Grandmaster of the Order of Alhazred. And despite Nicodemus's death, mages are still disappearing . . . and this time someone is painting Timothy as the villain.

Book Three: Ghostfire

And Then There Was Darkness

The battle for control over the Order of Alhazred mounts as Cassandra, Grandmaster Nicodemus's only heir, challenges Leander's right to be the next grandmaster. The clash takes a shocking twist when Timothy discovers that the ancient evil sorcerer Alhazred is still alive--and has gathered nearly enough dark power to take back control of his order.

Timothy, Leander, and Cassandra become reluctant allies in the fight to stop Alhazred from regaining power. But when a magical brownout dims all the sorcerous power in Arcanum, both in people and in lights, a new world of trouble is revealed.

Book Four: Wurm War

Is This The End?

Timothy and Cassandra may have beaten the evil sorcerer Alhazred, but their problems aren't over. Alhazred was so tied to the matrix of energy that his death has caused a magical brownout, dimming all the sorcerous power there is, both in people and in lights. The brownout also caused a weakening in the dimensional barrier that kept the Wurm out of Arcanum. For the first time in decades the Wurm have the chance to exact their bloody vengeance upon the mages who sought to destroy them. Can Timothy and Cassandra end the feud before the Wurm devastate Arcanum?

Learn more at the official websites for Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski.
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