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Readergirlz: Best Books for Your BFF

Wondering what books to get your best friends this holiday season? Snatch up the bookmarks made by the readergirlz and find out what we recommend! (Psst... It's okay to get some books for yourself too!)

Which booklist suits YOUR best friend?

Postergirl Jen Robinson's list:
For the girl who knows Nancy Drew can take on Sherlock Holmes . . .

Postergirl Miss Erin's list:
For the girl who lives for seven curtain calls . . .

Postergirl Jackie's list:
For the girl who saves her neck for Edward . . .

Postergirl Little Willow's list:
For the girl who has read every book in the library . . .

Postergirl Alexia's list:
For the girl who brews her own magic potions . . .

Readergirlz diva/author Janet Lee Carey's list:
For the girl who rides dragons . . .

Readergirlz diva/author Lorie Ann Grover's list:
For the girl who runs free with verse . . .

Readergirlz diva/author Dia Calhoun's list:
For the girl who dances in glass slippers . . .

Readergirlz diva/author Justina Chen Headley's list:
For the girl who kicks in her stiletto boots . . .

Book buyer Renee Kirkpatrick's list:
For the girl who takes quantum leaps . . .

The bookmarks, designed by readergirlz divas Dia Calhoun and Lorie Ann Grover, are available in PDF and JPG format.

Download the bookmarks with the titles selected by the postergirlz advisory council: PDF or JPG

Download the bookmarks with diva picks: PDF or JPG

Download all of the booklists as a Word document (DOC)

Consider these bookmarks our gift to you & your BFF and our very personal community service project all rolled in one. Read, reflect, and reach out.

Book Giveaway

Readergirlz is giving away 4 copies of Dia Calhoun's brand new Christmas book The Return of Light: A Christmas Tale. The next 4 people who post photos of their decorated Best Books for Your BFF bookmarks at the forum thread entitled December: Best Books for Your BFF Photo Shoot will receive signed copies of The Return of Light plus Girl Overboard-related gifties from Burton Snowboards to share. Post your decorated bookmarks.

Official Press Release

Give the World, Gift a Book:
Readergirlz Celebrates the Holidays with Best Books for Your BFF

In celebration of the holidays and girlfriends, the critically-acclaimed online book community readergirlz has launched a collection of sassy shopping lists of YA literature for teen readers and their best friends.

Seattle, WA – November 23, 2007 – Give your girlfriends the world this holiday season; give them a book chosen especially for them. Readergirlz - the preeminent book community for teen girls - has literally bookmarked those exact books to make holiday shopping easy and soulful this year.

Readergirlz has partnered with one of America’s leading children’s bookstores and its own advisory council of children’s lit bloggers, the postergirlz, to create ten sassy shopping lists for avid teen readers: Best Books for Your BFF. The ten collectible bookmarks feature YA novels both to encourage teens to give books to their best friends this holiday season and to read beyond the bestseller lists.

“Why give a book for a gift?” asks René Kirkpatrick, book buyer for the acclaimed All for Kids Books in Seattle. “Whole worlds are held in a pair of hands: a flat package filled with lives and words, bursting with surprise and ideas. That’s why a book will always be the perfect gift. And these readergirlz bookmarks will be immensely helpful for teens who might not know which book to choose.”

Each of the bookmarks is designed for a specific personality, making Best Books for Your BFF an easy way for book-loving teens to find the perfect novel for even their most well-read friends on their holiday list. For The Girl Who Saves Her Neck for Edward, Jackie Parker, the prominent blogger of and a member of the postergirlz, selected of A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb, Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr, and Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause. For The Girl Who Dances in Glass Slippers, readergirlz diva and author Dia Calhoun chose Spindle's End by Robin McKinley, The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale, and Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier.

"Every one of the recommenders of Best Books for Your BFF made a concerted effort to craft eclectic lists, featuring some underground and overlooked YA novels alongside classics and non-fiction work. Armed with these lists, not only will teens find that perfect read for their favorite reader, but they’ll learn about books they may never have heard about otherwise," says Dia.

To discover more about this literacy project or to download the readergirlz Best Books for Your BFF bookmarks, please check

About readergirlz: Started by four award-winning YA authors - Dia Calhoun (The Return of Light: A Christmas Tale), Janet Lee Carey (Dragon's Keep), Lorie Ann Grover (On Pointe) and Justina Chen Headley (Girl Overboard) - readergirlz has quickly become one of the foremost online book communities for teen girls. To promote teen literacy and gutsiness in girls, readergirlz features a different YA novel and corresponding community service project every month as well as spearheads innovative literacy initiatives, such as October's 31 Flavorite Authors for Teens. For more information about readergirlz, please visit and, or contact
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