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Mid-Month Report

December has been a busy month for me. Here's what's been happening at Bildungsroman:

Wondering what books to get for the kids and teens on your holiday lists? I've updated many of my big booklists, such as Suggested Sets and Tough Issues for Teens. I also updated my Alice's Adventures in Wonderland booklist. Print out the Best Books for Your BFF bookmarks created by the readergirlz and postergirlz for even more ideas. Share the love of reading!

While working on my Best Books of 2007 list - which I'll post at the very end of the year - I wondered what was on the lists of other readers and writers. Check out Their Favorite Books of 2007 to see what your favorite authors have read and enjoyed this year! I have posted and will continue to post the picks of more than a dozen authors different author every weekday through the end of the month.

In the meantime, I've also posted my list of Best Books of November 2007 and updated my list of Books to Read, which notes forthcoming releases that interest me.

I'm working my way through The Cybils Middle Grade Nominations. I also posted the list of the YA Nominations.

Readergirlz are buzzing about this month's book club pick, Miss Spitfire: Reaching Helen Keller by Sarah Miller. Learn more about the title, the author, and the women who inspired the book. Read the December issue.

Read all about the Girl Overboard Book Tour + Go Overboard Challenge Grant. Have you entered your grand Grant idea yet?

At the end of last month, Finding Wonderland turned my contribution into a snazzy cartoon. Thanks, a. fortis!

Thanks to your contributions, I wrote a piece entitled Books That Opened Your Eyes.

I am now working on an article regarding New Year's Book Resolutions - feel free to chime in!

Meanwhile, the production in which I'm currently appearing is going well. We're four weeks into our six-week run. I'm having fun with my role and my castmates. The cast and the audience alike are enjoying the show, and it has been well-received by critics, even being chosen as a Back Stage West Critic's Pick. I played a silent tribute to Holly on opening night.
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