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Readergirlz: December

I am a readergirl! Are you?

Read the December issue of readergirlz.

Please take note of our December theme: Give. Think about how you can give back this month. Think about what you could do every day. Perhaps you'd like to spearhead an important campaign at school, like getting recycling containers set up around campus. Maybe you'd rather join something that's already well-established, like Girl Scouts, or quietly volunteer your time at the local library or animal shelter. Readergirlz encourages you to get more involved in your community, no matter where you live or how old you are. What are you waiting for? Get active. Get moving. Give a little bit of your time and your energy and you'll get it back tenfold.

Looking for an online book club? Look no further! This month, readergirlz are discussing Miss Spitfire: Reaching Helen Keller, a fictional take on Annie Sullivan's first month of miracle working, as written by Sarah Miller.

After you've read Miss Spitfire, join our discussions about the book at the readergirlz forum, then curl up with more books recommended by the readergirlz divas and the postergirlz advisory council:

The Miracle Worker by William Gibson (play)
Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson (fiction)
Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale (fiction)
Shining On edited by Lois Lowry (short story collection)
Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace . . . One School at a Time by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin (non-fiction)

Searching for additional books to read and share this holiday season? The readergirlz divas and postergirlz have created snazzy booklists listing their favorite books for various ages, from all genres. Download and print out our Best Books bookmarks. (Learn more about them in this post.)

"Keep on beginning and failing. Each time you fail, start all over again, and you will grow stronger until you have accomplished a purpose - not the one you began with perhaps, but one you'll be glad to remember." - Anne Sullivan

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