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Watch Without a Trace

One of my favorite current television programs is Without a Trace, which airs Thursday nights after CSI on CBS. Each episode follows a team of FBI agents as they attempt to find missing persons, reconstruct the day of disappearance, and learn about the lives of the victims and suspects. The show is wonderful for many reasons. It has beautiful score music, a unique soundtrack, eye-catching cinematography, strong acting, smart writing, realistic plots and stylistic editing. It offers both interesting story arcs and stand-alone episodes. It is an ensemble show brought to life by Anthony LaPaglia as Jack Malone, Poppy Montgomery as Samantha Spade, Enrique Murciano as Danny Taylor, Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Vivian Johnson, and Eric Close as Martin Fitzgerald.

Without a Trace airs Thursday nights at 10 PM PST/EST on CBS. Some CBS affiliates air the program at 9 PM PST/EST. Check your local listings. Season Three started September 23rd on CBS. Season One is airing in syndication Monday nights at 11 PM PST/EST on TNT. The Season One DVD is now available in stores and online.
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