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Girl Overboard by Aimee Ferris

Sometimes, two books have the same title. Typically, they are vastly different. In this case, both of them are definitely worth reading. While Girl Overboard by Justina Chen Headley hit the slopes on New Year's Day this year, Girl Overboard by Aimee Ferris sailed into stores last May.

Published as part of Penguin's Students across Seven Seas (S.A.S.S.) line, Girl Overboard by Aimee Ferris charts Marina's trip aboard a ship with kids from around the world. This book is not only about studying abroad, but about appreciating and protecting marine life. It touches on many other things, such as being away from home, relating to different cultures, even unmasking poachers.

Much like the seas in which Marina swims, there's more to this book than meets the eye. The poacher storyline is handled well, and the creatures and facts sprinkled throughout the story are well-researched. The school-on-a-ship setting will appeal to teens who dream of traveling to other countries. I hope that readers start thinking about how they too can make conservation efforts.

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Check out tips from S.A.S.S. on studying aboard. (PDF)

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