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The Only Boy in Ballet Class by Denise Gruska, illustrated by Amy Wummer

From the moment he wakes up in the morning until the moment he goes to sleep at night, Tucker is in constant motion. His boundless energy and upbeat personality make him bounce down the stairs, twirl around his parents, and weave between his younger sisters. His natural affinity for dancing leads him to ballet class. He absolutely loves dancing and enjoys his class. He doesn't care that he's the only boy enrolled in the course - until his male classmates find out and make fun of him for it. His uncle isn't too keen on it either. Happily, Tucker follows his heart (or, rather, his feet!) During a football game, his speed and agility impress his peers, and the teasing diminishes.

Gruska's text is simple and easy to follow, and the colorful illustrations by Amy Wummer suit the story. Even the endpapers are pretty! (I really love argyle.) The book includes a glossary of ballet terms, which reminded of the glossary at the end of Susie and the Ballet Family by Lee Wyndham, a book I read easily a dozen times when I was in elementary school.

This story will encourage readers of all ages to keep dancing to the beat of his or her own drummer.

Watch Tucker dance at

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