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Strangewood by Christopher Golden

Are you ready to enter Strangewood?

Strangewood by Christopher Golden is the story of Thomas Randall, creator of Adventures in Strangewood, the most popular series of children's books in the world. Thomas is recently divorced, and dealing with the repercussions of that trauma, as well as the damage it has done to his five year old son, Nathan.

But there is other damage being done as well.

Due to his recent life changes, Thomas has begun to neglect the world and characters of Strangewood. The creatures who live there are not at all happy. Strangewood must be saved, but to do so, they are willing to risk anything, even the life of a little boy.


"If Clive Barker had gone Through the Looking Glass, he might have come up with something as imaginative and compelling as Strangewood. Christopher Golden's writing is vivid, making his quirky fantasy world as real as the 'real world' in his story. It's been a long time since I've read such an original novel in the fantasy genre."
-- Kevin J. Anderson, author of Star Wars: Jedi Academy

"I read Strangewood in one sitting. Strangewood the novel is a daring and thoroughly engrossing blend of wonder and adventure, terror and tenderness. Strangewood the place is what Oz might have been if L. Frank Baum had grown up on a steady diet of Stephen King."
-- F. Paul Wilson, author of The Select and The Keep

"Golden makes the unbelievable quite believable. Compelling characters and the heart-wrenching horror of an endangered child combine for an inventive and engrossing page-turner -- dark magical realism for the masses."
-- Paula Guran, DarkEcho

Publishing History

Strangewood was initially released in mass market paperback in 1999. It was re-released by ROC as a trade paperback in September 2004 with new cover art and a new introduction by the author. Earthling Publications released a signed, limited edition in 2008.

For more information on this and other titles, please visit the author's website:
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