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Author Spotlight: Lauren Child

Some people like to mix and match. I like to match, not mix. I can't wear clothes which mix patterns within the same piece. I won't wear blue jeans with a patterned shirt that doesn't have blue in it. I'm serious. I'm seriously strange.

Even though I don't mix it up myself, I do appreciate the artistry of Lauren Child. She has a cool style which uses pieces and patches, combining photography and illustrations. Here are a few quick examples of her work.

Child's writing is hilarious, and her artwork always matches her stories. I've read many of her picture books and juvenile novels, and I declare myself a fan of her original characters Charlie & Lola, who now have their own television series, and Clarice Bean, a sassy girl who loves reading books about her favorite spy. In addition to her original works, Child also retold The Princess and the Pea as a picture book and provided the illustrations for a new edition of Pippi Longstocking translated by Tiina Nunnally.

I've read and enjoyed:
Clarice Bean, That's Me
I Want a Pet!
Beware of the Storybook Wolves
I Will Not Ever, NEVER Eat a Tomato
My Uncle is a Hunkle Says Clarice Bean
I Am NOT Sleepy and I WILL NOT Go to Bed
My Dream Bed
What Planet Are You From, Clarice Bean?
That Pesky Rat
Utterly Me, Clarice Bean
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Book?
I Am TOO Absolutely Small for School
Clarice Bean Spells Trouble
But Excuse Me That Is My Book
The Princess and the Pea
Clarice Bean, Don't Look Now

- as well as the aforementioned 2007 edition of Pippi Longstocking.

Check out her complete bibliography at Wikipedia

Visit Lauren Child's official website at
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