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Little Willow [userpic]

Booklist: Mind Readers and Ghostly Visitors

October 15th, 2017 (05:03 pm)
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I can often anticipate what people are going to say, want, or need. I'm a quick thinker and I'd like to think I'm pretty perceptive. I can also be very persuasive. (Please note that I use my powers for good, not evil!) One day, when Jules and Meg Cabot both called me psychic, I felt the urge to create this list.

Fictional stories about telepathy or ESP have always interested me. They often involve living characters interacting with ghosts. Here are some ghost and/or psychic stories I've enjoyed, listed alphabetically by author and split into two sections: books for kids and books for teens.

Juvenile Fiction

Gilda Joyce mysteries by Jennifer Allison (I've read the first two volumes)
- Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator
- The Ladies of the Lake
- The Ghost Sonata
- The Dead Drop

Suddenly Supernatural by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
- School Spirit
- Scaredy Kat
- Unhappy Medium
- Crossing Over

The Funeral Director's Son by Coleen Purtagh Matore
- The Funeral Director's Son
- Kip's Gift

A great deal of Mary Downing Hahn's stories include ghostly visitors. I'll just list my favorites for now:

The Doll in the Garden by Mary Downing Hahn (highly recommended)

A Time for Andrew by Mary Downing Hahn

Wait Till Helen Comes by Mary Downing Hahn

Hidden Talents by David Lubar
- Sequel: True Talents

Lily's Ghosts by Laura Ruby

Teen Fiction

Bad Girls Don't Die series by Katie Alender
- Bad Girls Don’t Die
- From Bad to Cursed
- As Dead As It Gets

Golden by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
- Sequel: Platinum

Gemma Doyle trilogy by Libba Bray
- A Great and Terrible Beauty
- Rebel Angels
- The Sweet Far Thing

1-800-WHERE-R-YOU? by Meg Cabot (aka 1-800-MISSING)
- When Lighting Strikes
- Code Name Cassandra
- Safe House
- Sanctuary
- Missing You

Dead on Town Line by Leslie Connor

Gallows Hill by Lois Duncan

The Third Eye by Lois Duncan

Prowlers series by Christopher Golden (highly recommended)
- Prowlers
- Laws of Nature
- Predator and Prey
- Wild Things

Soulless by Christopher Golden (highly recommended)

Sleepy Hollow High series by Christopher Golden and Ford Lytle Gilmore
- Horseman
- Drowned
- Mischief
- Enemies

The Secret Life of Sparrow Delaney by Suzanne Harper

School Spirits by Rachel Hawkins, which is a spinoff from her Hex Hall trilogy

Fingerprints series by Melinda Metz
- #1 Gifted Touch
- #2 Haunted
- #3 Trust Me
- #4 Secrets
- #5 Betrayed
- #6 Revelations
- #7 Payback

Shadowed Summer by Saundra Mitchell

Pemba's Song: A Ghost Story by Marilyn Nelson and Tonya C. Hegamin

The Immortals series by Alyson Noël
- Evermore
- Blue Moon
- Shadowland
- Dark Flame
- Night Star
- Everlasting

Riley, Ever's little sister in The Immortals, has her own series:
- Radiance
- Shimmer
- Dreamland
- Whisper

Invisible Touch by Kelly Parra

Dead is... series by Marlene Perez (I've read the first two books)
- Dead is the New Black
- Dead is a State of Mind
- Dead is So Last Year
- Dead is Just a Rumor
- Dead is Not an Option
- Dead is a Battlefield
- Dead is a Killer Tune

The Waking trilogy by Thomas Randall
- Dreams of the Dead
- Spirits of the Noh
- A Winter of Ghosts

Light Beneath Ferns by Anne Spollen

The Seer series by Linda Joy Singleton (I've read the first book)
- Don't Die Dragonfly
- Last Dance
- Witch Ball
- Sword Play
- Fatal Charm

Lily Dale series by Wendy Corsi Staub
- Awakening
- Believing
- Connecting
- Discovering

Blue is for Nightmares series by Laurie Faria Stolarz
- Blue is for Nightmares
- White is for Magic
- Silver is for Secrets
- Red is for Remembrance
- Black is for Beginnings (graphic novel)

The Touch series by Laurie Faria Stolarz
- Deadly Little Secret
- Deadly Little Lies
- Deadly Little Game (November 2010)
- Deadly Little Voices
- Deadly Little Lessons

Premonitions by Jude Watson
- Sequel: Disappearance
Note: These two books will be republished by Scholastic as one volume called The Sight: Premonitions and Disappearance in March 2010, with a new byline: Judy Blundell, the author of What I Saw and How I Lied. She used the pseudonym Jude Watson for her Star Wars books as well.

The Midnighters by Scott Westerfeld
- #1 Secret Hour
- #2 Touching Darkness
- #3 Blue Noon

A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb
Sequel: Under the Light by Laura Whitcomb

Classic Pick
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir by R.A. Dick (pseudonym of Josephine Leslie)
Read the book, then see the classic film. The story also inspired a TV series, a sitcom.

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Posted by: Lisa Yee (lisayee)
Posted at: January 9th, 2008 05:55 am (UTC)

It's probably out of print, but growing up one of my favorite books was THE TROUBLE WITH JENNY'S EAR. It was about a girl who could read minds.

Posted by: Little Willow (slayground)
Posted at: January 9th, 2008 06:02 am (UTC)

I'll see if I can get it from the library!

Posted by: eluper (eluper)
Posted at: January 9th, 2008 01:29 pm (UTC)

Your list, of course, begs the question: Why are so many ESP books written as a series?

Posted by: Little Willow (slayground)
Posted at: January 9th, 2008 02:16 pm (UTC)

Good question. Perhaps because mysteries and fantasies have an addictive quality and eager-for-more readers?

Posted by: eluper (eluper)
Posted at: January 9th, 2008 02:22 pm (UTC)

Then I'd better get to work writing a few mysteries or fantasies. Maybe I'll write a fantastical mystery...or a mysterious fantasy.

Posted by: Little Willow (slayground)
Posted at: January 9th, 2008 02:23 pm (UTC)

Howzabout a fantastery?

Posted by: wonderlandchick (wonderlandchick)
Posted at: January 9th, 2008 04:02 pm (UTC)

Oooooh. Now I have a new reading list! Cause I so needed another one. ^_^

Posted by: Little Willow (slayground)
Posted at: January 9th, 2008 07:57 pm (UTC)

Enjoy. :)

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: Little Willow (slayground)
Posted at: January 9th, 2008 07:57 pm (UTC)

Appropriate icon. :)

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: Little Willow (slayground)
Posted at: January 10th, 2008 04:37 am (UTC)


Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: March 25th, 2008 01:32 am (UTC)
can u guess?

I just realized I have a thing for ESP series. I loved the 1-800 Where R You Series. When lighting Strikes was my first Meg Cabot book so it holds a special place in my book reading heart. I absolutely loved the Libba Bray trilogy. Gemma Doyle rocks. Gilda Joyce is smart sassy and so much fun. I didn't know there was a third one in the series though, thanks. I am going to have to check out some of these other books


Posted by: Little Willow (slayground)
Posted at: March 25th, 2008 02:39 pm (UTC)
Re: can u guess?


Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: June 16th, 2008 06:14 am (UTC)

There is a book I used to love and that I took out of my school's library many times. It is about a girl who was somehow connected with the ghost of another girl who lived and died in her house a century before. I think part of the story is that she has to find out how this girl died and help her. I can't remember what the name is, though. Do you think you could help me figure out what this book is?

Posted by: Little Willow (slayground)
Posted at: June 16th, 2008 01:30 pm (UTC)

Certainly! It sounds like the premise of various books, of course. Do you recall when it was published, and/or if it was for kids or for teens? Give me an era, a decade, or anything you can remember about the cover. That will help narrow it down for me.

Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: June 16th, 2008 04:54 pm (UTC)

I think it was for kids, but then again I also read books for teens as a kid, so I'm not entirely sure. I remember that at the end of the book there was a big fire, and the ghost family was trapped underneath a trapdoor in the attic. The copy I had was a tattered paper back, and I know it had a picture on the front, but I don't remember it. I think the background of the cover was orange. I wish I remembered more.

Posted by: novel_tee (novel_tee)
Posted at: May 7th, 2009 05:44 am (UTC)

I read the 1-800 series from Meg Cabot back in middle school, or something. I never really liked it as much as the Mediator series, though.

I also read the Fingerprints series by Melinda Metz. I remember I was so bummed to find out that they just randomly ended it after seven books. I wikipedia-ed it for fun and I guess a TV show was in the works, but never got picked up.

Posted by: Little Willow (slayground)
Posted at: May 7th, 2009 05:54 am (UTC)

That would have been fun to see! Paranormal Girl - IMDb - though I would have kept the original title, Fingerprints. :)

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