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The Cybils: 2007 Middle Grade Hall of Fame

In 2006, in order to showcase and honor some of our favorite Cybils nominees, we on the Young Adult nominating committee created a Hall of Fame spotlighting memorable characters -- similar to something you might see in a school yearbook. We on the Middle Grade nominating committee created another Hall of Fame for 2007.

Carnegie Hall Hopefuls
Zoe from A Crooked Kind of Perfect
Franny from The Rising Star of Rusty Nail

Most Likely to Win a Grammy
Livy Two from Louisiana's Song
(She might also be Class Bookworm)

Strength of Character
Abby from Leap of Faith
Milada from Someone Named Eva

Most Likely to Win a Literary Prize
Joan and Fox from The Wild Girls

Future Friends
Clarice Bean, Lucy Rose and Clementine

Best Use of Styrofoam Packing
Tom from Leepike Ridge

Loyal Pen Pal
The leading lady from Letters from Rapunzel
(If you want to discover her name, you'll have read the book!)

Miss Popular (...or she wants to be)
Devon from The Secret Identity of Devon Delaney
Dorie from The Social Experiments of Dorie Dilts: Dumped by Popular Demand
Sara from Class Favorite

Green Thumb
Josie from Reaching for Sun
Mildred from Me & the Pumpkin Queen

Horse Whisperer
Maya from Paint the Wind

Most Likely to Succeed
Jessie from The Lemonade War
Georgie from The Truth about Georgie

Most Ambitious
The McBees in Lucy Rose: Working Myself to Pieces and Bits

Future FAO Schwartz CEO
Sharron from The Friskative Dog

Man's Best Friend
Cracker from Cracker

Woman's Best Friend
The Friskative Dog from The Friskative Dog

Super Sleuths
Clarice Bean from Clarice Bean, Don't Look Know
The Irregulars from Kiki Strike: The Empress's Tomb
The kids from The Mysterious Benedict Society

Future Ambassador
Kek from Home of the Brave

Most Observant
Emma-Jean from Emma-Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree

Most Inspirational (and based on real people)
Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller from Miss Spitfire

Marcus from Chess Rumble

Most Fitting Name
Sassy from Runaround

Putting Off the Ritz (Procrastinator)
Moxy Maxwell from Moxy Maxwell Does Not Like Stuart Little

Best Class Experiment
The cast of No Talking

Class Superstar
Ginny from Middle School is Worse Than Meatloaf

Most Valuable Players
The teammates from The Aurora County All Stars

Girl Next Door
Bree from Cassie Was Here
Emily from So Totally Emily Ebers

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