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Red Dragon Codex by R.D. Henham

For fans of The New York Times best-selling A Practical Guide to Dragons, here comes a new series of fantasy fiction focusing on the power of dragonkind.

The Dragon Codices chronicle adventures with each of ten dragons of Krynn. From the fiery, evil red dragon to the playful copper, each dragon's tale is unique. Sindri Suncatcher, narrator of A Practical Guide to Dragons, shared these tales from his travels with library scribe R.D. Henham.

The first tale, Red Dragon Codex, follows the journey of a boy named Mudd. When our story begins, Mudd lives a peaceful life in his small town, tinkering with the mill and any mechanical devices that he can find. But his peaceful life soon changes when, out of nowhere, a red dragon attacks, burning the town and kidnapping Shemnara, the village seer. Only one clue is left behind – a cryptic note telling Mudd, "Seek the silver dragon."

Though Mudd plans to take this journey alone, his sister Hiera trails after him and insists that she accompany him. Along the way, they encounter many other people and creatures – some more trustworthy than others, some threatening, some surprisingly helpful. In order to rescue Shemnara and complete their quest, the siblings strike up some rather unlikely alliances with a dwarf named Drakecutter, a kender named Iroden, and a boy named Kirak. They must learn to work together in order to solve the puzzles, outwit the Red Dragon, and get Shemnara back unharmed.

Learn more about the book and the series here and here.

Congratulations to R.D. Henham (Rebecca Shelley) on the release of the Red Dragon Codex. I hope she likes the supplement, because, you see . . .

The Red Dragon Codex Teacher Guide

I am very excited to announce my involvement in this project. Mirrorstone asked to write a guide to this book for teachers to use in the classroom. It may also be used by librarians, booksellers, parents, and book group leaders in their workplaces, homes, or dragon lairs, as the case may be. I hope that readers and researchers alike find the guide useful and informative.

Download the Red Dragon Codex Teacher Guide

Download additional Mirrorstone Teacher Guides

Many thanks to Mirrorstone for giving me this amazing opportunity. Stacy, I can't thank you enough for thinking of me. Additional thanks are due to those who provided the eye-catching artwork for the final version of the guide.

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